Thursday, 6 November 2014

Fountain Pen Day

Did you know that tomorrow marks the third ever fountain pen day? I can't remember how I came accross it but I did back in September and I think it was a reccommend on Twitter. I can't remember now but I guess it is not important.

I used to use a fountain pen back at school and I love it. Back then (we are talking the 90s - I left school in 1997) we had a marvellous shop in the town called Woolworths. Who remembers woolies?

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Woolworths used to have a fabulous range of stationery and there back to school range as far as I remember it was far better than what I saw in the shops this year. I miss that shop so much, this is the actual shop pictured above that I used to frequent with my friends or with my Mum and it is where my pocket money used to go either on the pick and mix, the latest cassette (yes I said cassette) or on stationery. I have Woolworths to thank for my love of stationery!

I remember always having a pencil tin and in that tin was always at least two fountain pens all purchased from woolies. I never used to let anyone else borrow them as the few times that I did the nib always got buckled or bent. I don't think they were all that expensive but I loved them as they usually had cute little characters on them. Happy memories have been invoked just thinking about it. I used to love buying all my back to school stationery, I had a new set each term and I used to spend ages deciding as it had to all be just right.

Sadly for somereason that I can't remember, I stopped using my fountain pen, even though I went on to do my A-levels and then University. Did they stop making them or did they becoming un-trendy? Who knows but the trusty bic biro became my friend and nowadays it is the good old gel pen. That being said I really do want to get myself a fountain pen, I have been thinking about it for a while now and I have put one on my Christmas list.

I have heard really good things about the Lamy Safari so that is the one that I will be asking Father Christmas for but what colour! Arghhhh decisions, decisions! I love most of the colours but thinking in terms of versatility and putting it with a variety of things I guess I should go with the black.

It does look sleek and it would work well with any of my journals or Filofaxes. Come on we have to think nice co-ordination people. Who knows, if I am a good girl maybe I will be lucky enough to get one and rekindle my love with the fountain pen.

Are you a fountain pen user? Did you use one in school like I did? I would love to know your fountain pen story!

To find out more about fountain pen day visit their website:


  1. I love fountain pens and have used one since I started secondary school. In fact I have written my journal every day for the last 25 years with one (- well, practically every day!). I use a Parker pen and waterproof ink. Ordinary ink fades amazingly quickly. You also need good paper for a fountain pen to flow really well but when they do it's lovely. The pen needs to feel nice in your hand. Have you been able to 'test drive' the pen you would like Anna? And never let anyone else use your pen. The nib gets shaped to your hand.

    1. oooh waterproof ink I will have to remember that if santa brings me one. I have only held it and not had a chance to write with one though.

  2. I have returned to my fountain pen only recently, I gave it up after leaving school too! I was 1992 though, shhh! lol

    Anyhow, I chose a very cheap (£4.99 in Asda) pen to see if I could actually deal with the wet ink side of things, but now I'm in love! It's the smoothest fountain pen I have ever used, even compared to the lovely Shaeffer (sp?) I had at school that took forever to break in. I love it so much I'm planning on buying a few to use other ink colours in. The pen is a red Berol Handwriting pen....just like those roller balls we all used in primary school.

    Sorry to go on! lol

    Ps. Love your blog x

    1. I used to love the Berol at school lol! I am using a disposable fountain pen at the moment which is cheap but you know it writes so well!