Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Kawaii Product Review: Kawaii Lucky Dip Club

You know that I like my Kawaii items, I have been sharing various products of late. Well I was contacted by Rainbow Beauty the people behind the Kawaii Lucky Dip Club if they could send me some items for review. I do like to try out new things to share with you all so I said yes!

All of the items they sent me are handmade and all of them are Kawaii inspired / related as you would expect with the name Kawaii ; )

The first item that they kindly sent me was a charm / key ring.  It is fun and cute and I immediately thought that this would look sweet as a planner charm. What do you think? It comes on a black cord which you could use on bags and phones too but being the planner person that I am putting it on a planner was the first thing that sprang to mind!

Now then, one key thing to mention about this charm which really adds to the appeal for me is that is is actually an eraser. The idea behind this product is that you can add this to your pencil case, or in my case my planner and never have to loose your eraser again. Very clever I thought! I am always loosing my eraser so this is pretty nifty. I haven't tried using it though so I am just going on idea and looks alone.

The next item that they sent me is a phone strap. There is a big 'handle' is that what you call it? Maybe wristlet is a better term? I am not really sure what they are called to be honest, anyway, big enough to be able to put your hand through lol. I personally don't use phone straps but I am thinking that this would be pretty cool as a camera strap as I always seem to have a camera around whilst I am vlogging away so this would be great. I wouldn't have to worry about dropping it as it would always be safely around my wrist.

Now this is just my personal taste and nothing against the product, but I am not keen on the large bell. I think it would irritate me a little but you could easily take it off if you wanted to. You may like the bell, everyone has their own personal tastes and the beauty with this is that you can customise it to suit you. You could even put more charms and things on if you wanted to because the ring is big enough to be able to do that with.

The strawberry is wooden and is just darling. The little strawberry face very much appeals to my love of Kawaii food items especially fruit! Again my little brain whirrs away and I am thinking he would make a cute planner charm!

And very lastly they sent me two rings. They are very sweet although I couldn't try them on because I have podgy fingers at the best of times and following my recent accident my fingers on my left hand are huge, hence no photo of me wearing them!

They are cute and if you like your dress rings then they are perfect. For me they wouldn't be an everyday wear as I couldn't cope with anything too big and bulky or dangly but for going out they would be fab! I love the mint colour of the bow and the fimo marshmallow is very cute!

If you are interested in finding out more about the company or to purchase items like this then you can check them out on their Google + page which is: Kawaii Lucky Dip Club or you can email them:

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