Friday, 28 November 2014

My Filofax Size History / Journey

I just thought I would share with you today a little about my Filofax size history, why I have used what I did and why I use what I do now.

In the begining there was the pocket. A beautiful little pocket botanics that I bought because I needed a diary and loved the flexibility of the rings. I will always be a ring planner girl as opposed to a bound but that is another story for another time. My little pocket was perfect for what I needed as my week day days were fairly boring, I got up and went to work and nothing much happened apart from the odd yoga class in the evening, it was my weekend that I mainly used my diary for. Anything work based was on the work system. I got increasingly frustrated with the weekend section being so small on a week per view system yet it was pointless me investing in the page per day as during the week I just wouldn't use it. That is how I ended up designing my own inserts!

My work situation changed and I ended up working part time and going back to college to retrain meaning that I needed to document, track, plan for teaching schedules and assignments as well as my social stuff. The pocket was just not big enough for everything that I wanted to do so I decided to go to a personal size. I no longer have the planner though as I sold it some time ago. It was great and really suited me for everything that I needed it for.

So let's fast forward a bit, my situation changed again and I was then working for myself from home. This changes everything when you have a business to run, clients to track, home and personal all in the one planner. The personal size for me was just not doing it and I had convinced myself that I needed an A5. I mean, proper NEEDED! The one that I purchased as my daily was the A5 Apex. To be fair once I had this I did put it to good use and I was convinced that A5 was the size for me because I had large handwriting and had a lot of things that I wanted to put in my planner.

One day I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was given a pocket Saffiano for free. I do love the Saffiano's they are very pretty and although I didn't want to use it as a straightforward planner, I did want to use it so decided to set it up as a purse / wallet. My A5 stayed at home and the pocket purse came out and about with me until the day I bust the rings. Proper bust with no hope of fixing. Arghhhhh! I realised that I loved using my little filo as a purse so that made me go back to the personal and I got a nude personal filofax to replace the pocket only this time I went for it in personal size.

Since I no longer had a purse, I found myself using my personal to put my cards into which then made me make the switch to using the personal size. Everything that I had convinced myself was wrong with the personal size ended up being just right again and I haven't looked back since I made the switch. I love that the personal size is portable and can be used as your purse and every day carry. Even around the house I am finding the personal size so much easier to carry around and use. My writing has even become smaller again so I was obviously just filling the space!

I really do love the personal size again and can't see myself changing any time soon. Never say never of course but I am very happy with how it is all working out for me and I will share a set up with you very soon I promise!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm a confused mom who is trying different sizes and spiral bound and lines and no lines. If nothing else, I have a variety to choose from depending on the day. :)