Sunday, 30 November 2014

Monthly stationery subscription box...The Brimbles Box!

I have some really exciting news to share...I will now be selling monthly stationery subscription boxes! I have had requests for these for some time and always said no as there were lots of people doing these and didn't feel that this was something I should or could do. I have now decided to start one and so this is just my little announcement!

How It works

Do I get to choose what is in my Brimbles Box?
The box is a surprise box, every month you will receive a box full of stationery / planner surprises that you can look forward to discovering. It is like Christmas every month! You can however choose between receiving a box just of stationery or a box tailored to either an A5 ring planner or a medium ring planner. We will do our best to ensure that every box that you receive is different but there may be instances when you receive a duplicate item one month that you have had previously but you will never get two of the same thing in the one box, that would be silly! You may also find that if you see any ‘unboxings’ on social media that your box may be slightly different from someone elses as we may need to substitute items at short notice but you can rest assured that all boxes will contain items of at least £15 RRP. Due to the nature of the box we can only except returns or exchanges if the items are faulty.

When will I receive my box?
Your first box will arrive depending on the date on which you signed up. The cut off date for ordering the next month is the 14th of that month. For example, if you ordered your box on the 14th April the next box that you will receive is the May box. If you ordered your box on 15th April, the next box that you will receive is the June box. All boxes are despatched between the 28th and 31st of the month regardless of where in the World you are. Boxes are despatched from the UK and delivery date will vary according to your Country. In the UK you may receive this within 2-3 business days but in other countries this could take 2-3 weeks so please do bear this in mind.

Do I need to order a box each month?
If you would like to receive a box every month all you need to do is sign up for a rolling subscription and then you can sit back and enjoy receiving a box every month. Every month your box will be sent between the 28th and the 31st and will be with you shortly thereafter. Your box and payment will automatically renew unless you cancel which of course we hope you don’t!

Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course you can but of course we hope you don’t! Please bear in mind there are cut off points for example if you cancel your box on or before the 14th of the month you will not be sent a box in that month and if you cancel after the 14th you will receive a box. You can reinstate your subscription or buy a one off box at any time. There is no minimum length for subscription.

For more information and to order your very first Brimbles Box please head on over to my shop which is now on my updated website: don't worry though I will still have my Etsy shop, that is not going anywhere nor do I have any plans to change that!


  1. Oh Wow! Best. News. Ever! This is so exciting. I recently purchased one of your Mystery Stationery Boxes from your Etsy shop and LOVED it so I will definitely be placing an order!. All I have to do now is figure out if I can justify taking out a subscription or whether I should stick to the occasional one-off box... decisions, decisions!

    1. Thank you Karen! This will be all new stuff never been in the shop before. If there are any left they will go for sale if that helps x

  2. How exciting! The shop looks fantastic :-)

  3. Just ordered my first box! How exciting!!!

  4. I cant wait to get my first box. It will be like a xmas present every month. I took out a rolling subscription, and I cant see myself ever cancelling the subscription.

    1. thanks Zoe, I am so nervous now...I hope everyone likes it!