Monday, 1 December 2014

Mrs Brimbles' dashboard Advent

I have talked about this quite a bit over different vlogs and on instagram etc and I am very open to admit that I am a bit of a dashboard addict. Phew there I admitted I have a problem but I don't think it is that much of a problem, I mean there are far worse addictions that people can have these days aren't there!

So I have a lot of dashboards. I love to make them and I find them a really nice soothing craft. I either paint my own images or I find great joy in sourcing papers that I love to make dashboards from. I find it nice and relaxing to make up dashboards and I love seeing how they look in situ. All in all it is safe to say I love dashboards.

Now as you know I have an Etsy shop and I sell nearly everything that I make in there. I very often make one for myself too because I love it so much or I make one for me and then someone asks for it to be stocked in the shop as well. At the end of November I realised that I had rather a lot of Christmas dashboards, I had been on a bit of a dashboard making frenzy to say the least. To see how many exactly I do have I decided to see if I could change my dashboard every day in advent. I will be posting a photo at the same time every day during advent so you can see them all because who doesn't like looking at Christmas planner loveliness and I thought it was a fun way to count down to the big day itself.

So let us start with day one...remember to keep calm and plan for Christmas!

If you are interested in any of the dashboards shown, they all are or have been availble for sale in my Etsy shop. If they are not in there it does unfortunately mean that they have sold out and are no longer available.

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