Friday, 19 December 2014

Paperchase Dreamscape Planner

You will never guess what I received in the post last week! Ok you probably will based on the title of this post and the photo that you can probably see lol!

A very kind and lovely YouTube subscriber sent me this most wonderful gift. I had absolutely no idea that this was coming and she is very naughty for doing so but I have to say that I absolutely love it so so much and I am so grateful that she did. It was a lovely, totally unexpected surprise. Thank you so so so so much. Unfortunately Mr B tidied away the packaging and by tidy away I mean throw away as he thought it was rubbish. I can't moan because a man that tidies up is such a good thing! It does however mean that I do not have the senders name and address to write back to and than which makes me very sad so I hope dear sender that you see this and know how much I love it, you are very naughty but I do very much love it!

What she might not have known is that this particular planner was on my wish list and I was going to ask Father Christmas if he would get it for me. I love it so much, the design is just so me. I love woodland creatures and I love teal and brown so it is everything I could ever want. It has my all time favourite bunnies as well as other beautiful woodland creatures. In this design Paperchase also make bound planners, notebooks and gift wrap, the collection itself is called Dreamscape. To be perfectly honest I love everything in the range and I did say in my letter to Father Christmas that I would be over the moon with anything from the range...I wonder how good a girl I have been! I have particularly asked FC if I could have a sheet or two of the co-ordinating gift wrap so that I can make my own dividers for the planner which would match perfectly!

I have never owned a Paperchase planner before. I have looked at them in the past and have been tempted but never actually taken the plunge so I was really interested to see what it was like inside. All of the planners I currently own (apart from this one) are Filofax so I was opening this not knowing what to expect. I think my most favourite aspect has hot to be that the design appears on this inside also. How beautiful is it to open your planner to see this little face looking back at you! Absolutely stunning and I love this design aspect so much!

I like that the dividers have a coloured laminated edge but I am really confused by the labelling. Is it me or is 'agenda', 'planner' and 'diary' not all the same thing? if anyone could enlighten me on this I would be much appreciated. I will probably not use them and make my own but I would love to know what the intention is with that.

The diary inserts have a nice look and layout to them but I won't be using them as the weekend space is just too small. I need more space for the weekend than I do for the week usually or at least equal space. Why do most diary makers do that? We do more at the weekend than we do in the week!

There was also a few inserts for detailing stuff going on for the month...

and also for the year. Currently I don't use monthly or yearly planning but I am tempted to try it and see if this is something that I feel that I am missing out on.

All in all it is a beautiful planner, well made and just such gorgeous design. I love it so much and I can't wait to move into it in the New Year.


  1. The weekend layout was the reason I decided not to ask for inserts when I ordered my Van der Spek binder. The paper is beautiful, but the weekends are too small, especially with Sunday being smaller than Saturday.

  2. Oh what a lovely gift. I do hope your secret Santa reads your post, and makes herself/himself known to you. Maybe, through Mr. B's tidiness, the universe is telling you that you deserve some of the joy you share with others. A beautiful gift for a beautiful person.

  3. I love the design of this planner. I have often looked at paperchase planners and been tempted. I might have to just go and look in Paperchase again, as I am very tempted to purchase one after seeing your beautiful one.