Thursday, 4 December 2014

The purple really is striking!

Mr B and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (17th of being together!!) on 17th November (see all the 7's) and because we went on holiday we said we wouldn't get each other a gift and just enjoy the holiday together instead. I am such a lucky lady that he loves me so much and likes to break the rules because this little beauty was presented to me...

Can you believe it! Ok so I may have enhanced the image just a little to bring out the purple and of course photographing it on a yellow background further enhances the colour. I love it so much. I fell in love with it when Filofax sent me one to give away to you guys (Brenda Day was the winner of the competition) and it was really hard to do it but do it I did. It must have been lovely as even Mr B commented on how nice it was which is what I think gave him the idea to get me this. He is ever so good at present buying as he is very observant. When he saw it he must of had an 'ah ha' moment and that was his gift sorted. I do feel very bad as I stuck to our agreement and didn't get him anything. Does that make me bad? I don't feel too bad as I have bought him an amazing Christmas present so I will just have to say that it is a joint one!

Of course as you know I am in my Malden at the moment and I love it and didn't have any plans to change. Now here is where Mr B gets even sweeter...he gets the wanting to change your Filo with your mood / seasons / outfits etc he really does. He may roll his eyes in jest when new stationery comes in to the house but he really does get it. So much so that he even gave me his blessing to carry on using Mr Malden until I felt it was the right time to change. I mean seriously...could this man get any better. I can't believe how lovely he is which is fab as there was me thinking I love it and it is a lovely gift which I do 100% love but right now I am loving the Malden. Only a planner addict knows what I mean about changing it around I guess. I will move into it but I don't know when. Of course I will let you all know when I do and share photos etc but for now Mr Malden is seeing me through the festive season.

And I really don't want to come accross as greedy or spoilt because I love that man to the moon and back. We met at age 11 and were friends at school and when we left school at 16 we ended up getting together because we couldn't bear to not see each other every day. Ahhhhhh! Here is a snap of us at our wedding on 17th November 2007.


  1. That purple is so gorgeous! And that is such a great face xD

  2. You and Mr.B are adorable. Such an inspiration. Happy anniversary and may you have many more!

  3. I love love love your wedding photo!!!! Thank you for sharing that!

  4. Hi Anna! The purple is a great statement colour and very original. Your husband seems very sweet and supportive from what I've seen in the vlogs :-) Your wedding photo is so full of joy, thanks for sharing!

  5. That is such a beautiful colour for a filofax. Purple is one of my favourite colours. I have a burgundy Domino at the moment and I like it, but it doesn't give me that "WOW" factor when I look at it. Need to find myself one I really like. I love your wedding photo too.