Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Create Your Shining Year

I just thought I would share with you some pearls of wisdom...OK just some nuggets from me about making time for yourself this year for personal growth / development and how I will be doing that to keep on track etc. Just a video from me so not detailed blog post I am afraid but I hope you understand that with the time of year it is all go go go but I did really want to share this with you so I can get craking on my Shining Year!

The workbook website: http://leoniedawson.com/shop/kits/shining-year-workbook-calendar-2015/


  1. Loved this video. My word for this coming year is 2015 is PERSEVERE. Because when life's up and down's get too much I tend to just shut down, and put my head in the sand and just give up. But I need to just keep trying, and know I can only improve myself if I keep trying. My main goal is to try and get 700 followers on my blog, and to try and be pro active in my life, rather than letting it just happen all around me.


  2. Just found you this week on Philofaxy blog. Decided to read/watch some of your posts and I liked what I saw! I'm a notebook/journaling/stationery fan and longtime Anglophile. So your accent is an added benefit! Happy New Year from Los Angeles.

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! xx