Monday, 15 December 2014

Book Review - A Season to Remember

A Season to Remember
Author: Sheila O Flanagan
Publisher: Headline Review (27 Oct 2011)
ISBN: 978-0755375172

From the back cover:

An enchanting collection of warm, poignant and Christmas-themed stories from Sunday Times bestselling author Sheila O'Flanagan.

In this wonderful collection of interlinked short stories Sheila O'Flanagan brings her own trademark sparkle to Christmas - a time when friends, families and lovers traditionally come together and when every person is hoping their wishes will come true...

My Review:

I like to read a Christmassy, heart warming story in the run up to Christmas, it just helps me to get in the mood. I like to just get all cosy and settle down with the twinkly lights on and read a festive book, I don't normally mind which one.

A Season to Remember appealed to me as it is a collection of stories with a running theme. The theme is that it is set at Christmas (obviously) and that the people involved in the stories are all staying in the Sugar Loaf Lodge.

I have to say that I both enjoyed this book and also didn't enjoy it. I know that sounds a bit on the odd side but let me explain. I loved that the way it is written is all snuggly and cosy and makes you want to block out the rest of the world and just get nestled into the book. For me that certainly filled the brief and the objective. That is exactly what I wanted to do and exactly what I got! It was a nice and pleasant read. You didn't have to think too hard about it at all which was just perfect, you could concentrate on just enjoying the story. Thing is I found some of the stories a little disappointing. Some of them were just a bit too short and I was left wanting a bit more. I also got a little fed up in some ways of waiting for the book to 'get going'. I was constantly waiting for the climax. Maybe I shouldn't have thought like that, maybe I should have just taken it as it was and just gone with the flow. I think I have read one too many 'dramatic books' with lots of action that I was just waiting for the crunch point whereas I should have just enjoyed it for the story that it was maybe?

All in all though I did enjoy it for the snuggly read that it was!

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