Friday, 12 December 2014

My Personal Filofax Set Up / Tour

Today I am sharing my personal size current Filofax set up with you. This has been looooong over due for which I apologise. I have been asked a lot but firstly I put off sharing as I was jiggling things around until I was happy with it and then just as I was about to share, along came the most recent Filofax Blogger Challenge so that took it's place. Anyway here it is, here is my set up...

Ah the Malden, oh how I love thee...

I was using my Pocket Saffiano as a purse / wallet if you recall but unfortunately I broke it beyond repair. As the Malden has so many pockets I thought I would just use it as a purse too. The zip pocket at the bottom hold coins, then the card pockets house my cards and then the long pocket at the back has my notes in.

I always use a dashboard and I usually keep my sticky notes on the reverse so that I don't hide my design away - I like to look at my dashboards. Behind that I have a card holder insert. I have taken then cards out for confidentiality reasons but they are some of my lesser used cards. I also keep a photo of Mr B in there with his works business card behind it.

Next up I have an 'About Me' page with emergency contact information and details of medication that I am allergic to...just in case!

Because I change inserts a lot with my mood / depending on how I want it to be decorated, I am paranoid about forgetting key dates so I have a master list which sits at the very front. This is printed out onto a nice thickish scrapbook paper so it is more durable and because it lasts a while I want it to look nice on the other side too!

Next up is my diary section... the inserts used are from my Etsy shop.

I like to keep to do's, lists of ideas and my blog and YouTube planning all together. I never know when some inspiration or an idea may strike so I like to make sure that I can jot it all down. Once it has been done I get rid of it which I know always shocks people. Once it is done with out it goes!

If I have a pretty pad and it is too big, I just trim it down to size!

I will talk about my blog planning process in another blog post.

Next section along is my personal to dos and home stuff. I am useless at remembering to do housework so I have a housework task sheet. This really helps me to look at what needs doing and when I last did something. To some this may seem really anal but it is the only way our house gets cleaned!

Behind that I have my task lists and Mr B also has a running task list there for things he wants to and needs to get done. He knows it is there so just goes to find it when he needs to.

Then I have notepaper. I don't like to not have any as I have said, you never know when you are going to jot an idea down!

Right at the very back I have a section for my penpals. The inserts that I use for this are from Just Keep Pinning over on Etsy. They are cute and very useful indeed.

I really hope that you have enjoyed a look into my lifeline :D


  1. I love your set up, and personally love that you have a housework list to do, I really think I need to incorporate that page into my planner as Im a bit hit and miss with my housework too. xx

    1. I so need it, housework isn't at the top of my list so without it I would go weeks without mopping the floor lol!

  2. I really like your homework task sheet. If I did that I might remember a lot of things that get forgotten. Bravo for the great idea. 👏😀

    1. I so need it otherwise nothing would get done!