Sunday, 9 November 2014

Squirrels in the leaves - This weeks Filofax page decoration

I am still in full swing with my autumn decoration. You know it has been a while and I am on and off with the way I decorate my pages, if in fact I do but at the moment I am back in love with it and in full swing and I think it is going to stay this way for a while, especially with Christmas fast approaching us!

I am really really really (yes three really's) into Kraft paper at the moment, I don't know why but I just really love it's rusticness. A pen pal of mine very kindly sent me some kraft paper for my personal size and I love it. I just knew that I had to use it for a week spread rather than just as note paper.

I was going to print my inserts directly onto it but then I thought as I had a totally blank canvas it might be fun to write on it instead so that is what I did and I am really happy with the results. I was going to doodle over my pages but then I was very very kindly sent some gorgeous stickers from a viewer / reader in the States and I knew that these would be perfect. I was so tempted to hoard them as they are beautiful but I am trying not to do that and just use them. It was hard but I am getting there. They are just so autumnal and gorgeous, I love them!

I mean just look at those bunnies! Bunnies and pumpkins together is just a total autumn winner as far as I am concerned!

 And then we have a cute owl and squirrel playing in the leaves!

Keeping with the theme of squirrels in leaves the dashboard that I am using this week is this cutie (similar autumnal designs are available in my Etsy shop at time of writing / subject to availability)

And sticky notes this week I am using the Owl sticky notes  (available in my Etsy shop at time of writing / subject to availability) and the kraft paper sticky notes that I picked up in Tiger. They were two for £1 so I snapped them up!

As I mentioned I received some lovely stickers and trying to beat my hoarding tendencies I wanted to use them but still have them. I know that doesn't really make much sense but I know what I mean! Just look at them aren't they beautiful...

So I decided to turn them into a flyleaf / page marker. I removed the green leaf in the top left and replaced it with a squirrel sticker and made the head of the squirrel stick out further than the top of the sticker sheet. There was a little gap so I filled the gap with acorn stickers, again from a different pack. I then stuck a snail sticker down in the bottom edge. I then laminated the while thing and hole punched it. I am showing you it against a white background so you can see it more clearly.

I cut around the squirrels head and I now have a really cute face sticking out the top letting me know where my week is. I love him and think he is so cute!

And of course I cut around the snail and he is acting as a little tab at the bottom. I love it and am really pleased with it and of course it is a great way for me to use / see the stickers over and over again and pull it out next year too!


  1. It's all super cute. Have you got Novembers linkys box yet, I love your opening vids :)

    1. no I am taking a break what with the run up to Christmas x

  2. Love the fly leaf! Way to 'use them but still keep them'!

  3. Awe I love your decorations!! They are sooo cute. And Kraft paper!! I am thinking of picking up a roll when I go to the dollar store so I can try it out. I love your little squirrels.