Saturday, 24 October 2015

Halloween Smashbook!

Today I'm going to show you what I ended up doing with my Halloween Dividers

At first I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. As I've said many times before, the bit I struggle with the most when it comes to any sort of crafting/arty project, is getting started. But I finally figured out what I wanted to do!

The initial thought was to turn them into planner dividers. But I've already got my dividers sorted for this month, so I tried to think about what else I could do with them.
I ended up using the whole set to make into a Halloween/October mini journal/booklet!
It's simply going to be a place for me to document everything I get up to this month, and also a place where I can go wild with anything to do with Halloween. Whether it's art, photos, scrapbooking, .... Just anything I end up doing that's based around Halloween, I will put in here.

To put it together I bought these Silver Rings from eBay, they work similar to planner rings, but they are singular and a little more fiddly! They don't sit straight, instead they wobble about a bit, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. They keep everything together and that's all I needed them for!
I decorated the front of this little booklet with lots multiple different Halloween stickers, die cuts, washi and twine!

I'll leave some links below to some of the things used:
Puffy Stickers (From the October Brimbles Box)
Pumpkin Sticker (From my local craft store)
Spider Die Cut (From my local craft store)
(Not everything has a link, as it either wasn't bought online or I can't find a link)

I was really happy with how the cover turned out. I do sometimes get a bit carried away with little projects like this and fill every little gap I can see, but I managed to hold back haha! 
The tabs going down the side were already on the dividers, but the tabs along the top I added from the Cute/Vintage Halloween Ephemera/Die Cuts pack. The text on all of the tabs isn't there to organise them, they simply have little Halloween phrases on, and are just there for decoration.

Inside I have started to attach things I've received that are Halloween themed. Above is the adorable Ghost postcard that came in my October Brimbles Box!

I have a few ideas of things I want to add in here, and ideas of the activities I want to get up to this month. Like pumpkin carving, baking, watching scary films, all of which can be photographed and stuck in. I know we are half way through October now, but fingers crossed I'll be able to get most of these pages full!

If I don't then I can always take pages out and keep them until next year. That's the good thing about attaching them all with the little silver rings, compared to something like twine! Things can be taken in and out whenever I want.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the little project I've got on the go this October. Make sure you check Mrs Brimbles' shop to find most of the products used to create this bundle of Halloween fun!
I will be sharing some of the pages I've completed on my blog (MyGreenCow), so keep an eye out if you want to see how I end up filling this booklet with Halloween goodness.

I will also do a full flip through over on my YouTube channel once I complete it.

- Daisy X

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  1. What a super cute fun book Daisy!! I love it.
    Deb- Craftin' Chaos