Monday, 19 October 2015

Planner Page Decoration with Charlie

Decorate With Charlie {}

Hello! It's Charlie from! I'm so excited to be back today to share with you how I've been using my October Brimbles Box. In this months box I received:

♥ Halloween pumpkin charm pen
♥ Halloween stickers
♥ Pumpkin notepad
♥ Witch Hazel tidbits

Decorate With Charlie {}

I couldn't wait to use this months goodies to decorate my Halloween pages in my planner! First of all, I used the gorgeous washi to give my pages a bit of colour - using a strip of washi on the edge can instantly transform any boring page into something super cute. I haven't got any washi like this in my current collection so it was very welcomed, I'm such a washi tape addict!

Decorate With Charlie {}

The Witch Hazel tidbits set included these divider tags and I simply glued one to the page of the page to make a permanent handy page marker/ mini divider. The kids will be home for half term so I am sure I will be referring back to these pages constantly as we plan out our week together.

Decorate With Charlie {}

I then went on to decorate further using the Halloween stickers and tidbits - how cute are the flags!? I also used the large sticker to decorate my planner dashboard to make it more seasonal.

Decorate With Charlie {}
Decorate With Charlie {}Decorate With Charlie {}

Of course, I had to use a sheet of the pumpkin notebook and finish off with the cutest Halloween paper clip EVER made by my fellow design team member, Debbie.

Taking inspiration from Anna's post - 'Setting Up My Planner For Halloween' I'm definitely going to go all out and completely kit out my planner this year. Her white colour crush looks adorable and I want in with the cute planner action!

How are you using your October Brimbles Box Goodies?



  1. Love your planner decorations, Charlie! So clean and beautiful.

    the Noveltea Corner

  2. Love your decorations Charlie! Super fresh!
    Deb (craftin' chaos)