Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Setting up my planner for Halloween

I have been seeing all of these gorgeous photos in the planner community accross various social media sites and I was starting to get a little jealous that I didn't have one so I thought it was about time I did. I decided to swap into my white Color Crush planner even though most of the planners I have been seeing have been orange or black. I thought I would be a little different. I haven't had a good play / crafty planner session for ages so it was really nice to play and have some fun and whilst I was doing that I thought I would record what I was doing so that you can see too!

Most of the items that I used for this were either from the October Brimbles Box or were raided from my shop stock (one of the perks of having such things in stock is that you can raid them he he!).

So if you didn't watch the video or just like to look at photos, let me tell you what I did. First let me say that this is actually quite a lot for me to do in one go. Usually I switch and things just seem to get added organically over time. It is unusual for me to just switch and go the whole hog with decoration. Most of it isn't needed I just like it! It felt kinda good to go whole hog but I probably can't add any more as time goes on!

I took the pumpkin charm off of the pen that came with the box and added it to my strap to replace the charm that came with the planner. I think the little pop of orange looks cute there!

I decided to decorate the inside. I used one of the 'reject' dashboards from the Box, the ghostie one. I thought he looked pretty cool! I made a washi on the go card from a Halloween Project Life card and I also added a couple of other cards and stickers just to look pretty.

I stuffed some Project Life cards into the pockets and used paper clips to clip in some bits of ephemera. They serve no purpose other than to look awesome! The bunny clip was made exclusively for the box by Craftin Chaos and I love it. The other paper clips I made out of the Halloween badge flair buttons.

I 'modified' the WP logo a little by adding a pumpkin puffy sticker!

And I also made co-ordinating dividers cut down from the Halloween divider pack.

You remember that lovely shaker dashboard that the talented Geraldine made for me? Well I just had to add that in too didn't I!

 All in all I am totally loving this eye candy and hope you do too!


  1. I loved everything about this!!! You did awesome with how you used the clips, PL cards and stickers. I really enjoyed the video. You are awesome sauce! Those CC planners are so pretty. I definitely will get an A5 now that they have them.
    Deb C (aka Craftin' Chaos)

  2. Love the puffy pumpkin stickers! So cute!