Friday, 2 October 2015

I am doing VLOGTOBER in an 'ish' kinda way!

I am doing VLOGTOBER in an 'ish' kinda way!

I will only post this 'first day' video on the blog just to let you know what I am doing and then all the other DITL vlogs will be on my YouTube only as I don't want to clog the blog up lol!

I probably won't be vlogging everyday but I will be vlogging quite a lot. Content will vary from each day, some content will be just about my life and following me around, other stuff will be about vegan food, planners, journals and who knows what. Let's see what happens each and every day, I am not making any promises for content!! lol! Content might be on on a big of a delay as I need to edit, render and upload and there may not be a video every day as I said.

If there is anything you want to know or see just let me know I am happy to accommodate if I can.

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