Monday, 26 October 2015

Easy DIY Planner Pockets and Planner Decor Ideas

Deb here from Craftin' Chaos and I am on the Mrs. Brimbles blog today. My topic is going to be about dressing up your planner by adding cute elements you can make yourself or purchase. Today I will share a couple pockets I made for my two planners shown below. 

One of the planners is a Kikki K A5 which I love cause I am someone who likes BIG planners. I need alot of space to feel free and not so confined but that is a personal preference. I also share my new Kate Spade Rose gold planner. I will be honest it is a personal size which is not my fav but I purchased it cause #1 I didn't own a Kate Spade Wellesley planner or any Kate Spade items which I totally want a purse and #2 it was rose gold (which I was hoping for a bit more of a pink cast to it). It is pretty but its pretty much just eye candy for this gal although I could see using this for travel so I could have all my credit cards and my hectic retired life schedule in it ha ha. 

Halloween is my absolutely FAVORITE time of the year. I love fall in general and then add the cute little halloween decorations and cute spooky items and its hog heaven for me. Below are pictures of some fun items I added to a not so spooky pink planner but it works! The little paperclips I made with my silhouette cameo and I intentionally made them pink for Breast Cancer awareness and it also goes great for blinging up my pink planner with halloween goodies. This pack of Project Life cards that were halloween I cannot get enough of them. 

 The pocket shown below is in my A5 Kikki so it is a bit larger than the one below and it is a different  look with the slanted pocket. Also this one is not attached to a PL card as I did in the one below. This one you will need a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock to make it this size.

This diagram shows you the sizes I made mine. You can adjust yours depending on if you want to go a bit bigger or smaller. The page is not to scale but hope it gives you a good idea how to
 easily make them. If you have a die cutting machine you can find cutting files easily. If you do not own a cutting machine then you can easily make these with a paper trimmer and making some marks on the paper for guides or cut from regular copy paper or scrap paper a template. 

For this pocket below that is in my personal size Kate Spade I made a pocket on my silhouette that I adhered directly on a large Project Life card. I love how it looks. I used some wonderful washi tape that was in my October Brimbles box and cut the little flag ends on it and adhered it to the bottom. The epoxy stickers were also from the October box as well as that adorable little planner charm Jack Skellington (its a bell too!).

Project life cards are definitely one of my favorite ways to make my planner pop and adds some special element that can easily be changed depending on your mood.

Even if you do not have a cutting machine these are things you can hand cut or use a paper trimmer and score and hole punch and you are still good to go. Dimensions will be shown below for mine. As you see the pocket is perfect for the small 3x4 PL cards. You can also use it to put paperclips or important items you may need to save. Remember with the template shown below you can make the folder any size you would like by just adjusting the sizes shown.

Making your own paperclips
This is an easy thing to do with just a few embellishments such as flair, die cuts etc. or even some plastic do dads just look around you probably have things that easily can be turned into a clip. If you are making a clip from flair I advise you to use E6000 adhesive. Just a blop of that on the back and you can secure the clip. I also like to finish it off by putting a little felt circle over it so that it hides the clip. 

You can purchase epoxy stickers or die cuts and create some paperclips yourself or if you are like me and you have a die cutting machine you can go to town! I will most like share in a future post a process video doing some clips. 
Let your imagination take your planner to new places. Post cards and cute magazine covers and pictures of just about anything that you find appealing can be laminated to make you a fun, cute dashboard. I know I save all Anna's cards that come with the kits so that I can hole punch them or create a dashboard with them. If you do not own a laminator you can get those laminating pouches that are self sealing, you can take to your local office supply and pay them to laminate it as well. 

Planner charms
Often times I run across metal charms for .25 cents or less at times or you can also find them in your local hobby store in bags and charms in the jewelry section and you can make yourself a inexpensive planner charm with some of the charms and add beads or whatever you are in to. 

I hope this helps you to see that with some craft supplies you probably have laying around you can create some unique items for your planner without spending a fortune to do it. 


  1. EEEK!!!! Love it Deb! Love all your fabulous tips! Off to make a pocket! =)

  2. Love your post, very informative! Your planner looks amazjng, I need some of that talent, lol. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)