Monday, 2 November 2015

Planner decorating inspiration

Hi guys! Stef here from the Noveltea Corner and I've got a bit of planner decorating inspiration for you featuring the October Brimbles Stationary Box.

During the month of October, I decorated the whole month in various Halloween themes. 
For the final week - Halloween Week! - I used a lot of the materials that came in the Stationary Box, most notably:

(also, the puffy stickers and bits and pieces that came in this month's box!)
Other items include Gold Foil Halloween Washi, stamps that were gifted to me by a dear friend, and a sticker by Violet LeBeaux.

You can check out my planner decorating video, and some close up photos below!

Now for some close ups!

Now, before anyone freaks about about puffy stickers on planner pages, here's my confession: I don't do it often! That way, when I do have amazing stickers I want to use I don't feel too guilty about adding a bit of bulk. Bonus tip: if you're really concerned about bulk, make sure you keep the minimum inserts you need in your planner (I've just taken out most of the last three months pages).
Don't be afraid to cut up your Project Life cards. If you're anything like me, you probably have an abundance of PL cards lying around. Use them! Cut them up/punch them into shapes. Just don't let them sit there. The 4x6 cards are the perfect size to create a background for personal-size planner pages!

Pick a simple colour scheme and try to stick with it. This week was more a traditional black/orange/gold Halloween theme. There are some other colours, but they're not the feature. This helps keep a cohesive look and feel to your layout.

Mix and match stamps and stickers that you have lying around. I had left-over stickers from sets I'd used bits and pieces of, and Halloween stamps I don't really use any other time of the year. Pull them out and use them! The best embellishments at the ones you already have lying around! (Plus, they're often the cheapest, too!)

Use tabs as an alternative to a page marker.

Project Life cards make a great additional decorative element, plus serve a functional purpose as an additional place to add notes, journaling or to-do lists!
Don't forget to add seasonal charms to add a bit of colour and flair to your planner!

One can never have too many paper clips, right?! 
If you don't want your clips to take up too much retail space above your planner (or to get damaged), attach them to elements within the planner. This will keep them nice and safe.

Most of all, have fun,

Below I'll link a few places you can find me and a few more planner videos. Don't forget to join the Mrs Brimbles Happy Place group on Facebook and share your fabulous planner photos, too!

Stef xx


  1. Wow, looking great! It just also dawned to me that beside marking place and looking nice, sturdier dashboards might make writing easier if placed between the page one is writing on and the page with puffy stickers.

    1. Thanks, Leea! That's a really good point, too. I often pull my pages out of my planner to update/write on them, too.