Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pumpkin Art Page - October Mini Project

So this is my second page share from my little October/Halloween Mini Project! (If you want to see the first one I did, you can have a read here) I made the booklet using the Halloween Dividers from the Mrs Brimbles Shop. You can find out a bit more about how I put it together and my initial plans for this booklet, here.

But today I'm going to be showing you a bit of a mixed media art page I did for one of the pages.

A lot of the dividers have patterns and cute Halloween themed things on them already and as I'm using this more like a Smash Book, there's going to be things I don't want to just cover up completely. This was the case for this cute little 'Jack O' Lantern' song, there was an image below the song but I decided to cover that section up and put my own there.

I chose to paint a little pumpkin, I hadn't draw or painted anything free hand in well over a year and that's not really been for any specific reason, I've just been doing other things and I simply forgot that I can actually draw haha.

I sketched out this pumpkin, (if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen the progress shots, here & here) and then painted it with Acrylic paints. I've always been quite fond of using them, I used them throughout school when I was doing my Art GCSE etc. So they are just the type of paint that I'm most comfortable using.

I drew and painted it onto some scrap paper which had a grid pattern in the background, this helped to make it not look 'perfect' I prefer it when things are mis-matched a little and it's not a 'pure' background.

Eventually I watered down some browns and blacks and washed them over the song page, so you could still see what was on it. I also picked out a Journaling card from the Halloween pack I'd got in my October Brimbles Box to go behind the pumpkin, I narrowed it down to three and then had my followers on Twitter choose the one I eventually used. You can see the other options here.

I added a couple of different Washi Tapes to the page, which are both from Cloudy Cow, and also punched out some Stars from the same scrap card I used to paint my pumpkin on.
Lastly I stuck down some of the wood veneer stars, and that's it!

I love how it turned out, my pumpkin is a little wonky and I could probably do better, but I'm pretty proud of my attempt seeing as I hadn't drawn freehand in SO long!

Thanks so much for reading!

- Daisy X


  1. Daisy I love that pumpkin page!! These pages look awesome.