Saturday, 3 March 2018

Another pour!

Today I am continuing my experiments in the World of fluid acrylic dirty pour flip cup technique because I just can't leave it alone I am totally obsessed. I told myself after the last attempts that I would hang my hat up or at least give it a break for a while. BUT. And that is a big but...I just couldn't help myself. I still continue to find myself watching pouring videos so I had to try it again. I still have lots to learn and I am by no means an expert however I am having fun in my experiments and that is always all that counts.

I decided to customise an old Prismacolor tin. I don't keep my pencils in it but I had kept it in case I wanted to at some point. I recently acquired some more watercolour paint pans and I thought this tin would be quite a good size to store them in but of course it needed customising!

Firstly I sanded the top of my tin just to rough it up a bit and give the paint something to grip onto. I didn't bother with gesso I just went for it! I am still not getting those much coveted cells but I like how it turned out and because I used the vivid metallics it has a beautiful sheen when in the light.

All of the supplies shown are from: please do check them out because they are awesome!

Check out my video below as I show you how it came to life!

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