Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Winter Olympics Creative Journal Page

Hello everyone, brrr, it's been so cold. In weather like this I like nothing better than watching the Winter Olympics from the comfort of my warm home. This week I made a Winter Olympics journal page using resources from Anna Brims February patreon downloads, they were just perfect for this. I used to be an ice skater myself from aged 7 to 16 and competed in many competitions and grueling training sessions from 6am, then school and back on the ice after until 9pm daily.

When I saw Anna's ice skater image that she had painted I was gobsmacked at how similar it looked to a photo of me from an ice show when I skated to Wish Upon a Star, so knew it was perfect for my page.

Firstly I printed out the girl and the photo of me, then chose a pink pastel background image from Anna's collage sheets. The pastel colours look so pretty together. Anna also included a February Hygge collage sheet of her own drawings and the Winter theme continued on these.

For table gifts for a planner event that I was attending, I had already created some textured watercolour journaling cards. However, due to the snow I was gutted that I couldn't attend, so used one of the pastel cards on my page instead.

 Finally I added some pastel washi tape and a ticket stub that Anna had gifted me in an ephemera swap, then added a bit of journaling about the Olympics. I love the finished page, especially the bit on the right, where it looks like the pink and white icicles trickling down the page.

Do go and check out Anna Brim on her patreon page, her resources are amazing and she now is offering a tier where you receive all the downloads, tutorials and videos as well as a physical Brimbles Box which is making a return.

Take Care everyone, stay warm and stay safe in the snow and ice,
​Kerry xx

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