Sunday, 1 December 2013

I'm doing VLOGMAS!

Hey Guys!

If you didn't already know from past blog posts and videos, I have decided to do VLOGMAS! If you haven't heard of vlogmas before, basically it is where you vlog every day in December. Every day, wow I must be mad!

Anyways I just thought I would let you know for two reasons really. One, if you are not a subscribing over on my Ginger Juice You Tube channel and you want to see my vlogs you need to go subscribe because two, I won't be putting the vlogs on my blog. As you know I usually always put my videos onto this blog, mainly because I have been in a blogging slump and have had no other content to share lol! Well I am going to be a tadge busy in December. Firstly I will be vlogging everyday, secondly I am taking part in Rhomany's Christmas Cronicles class and thirdly I have heard that there is a big celebration somewhere around the 25th of the month that I need to plan and getting ready for. Because of all of that I don't envisage having much time to add the videos to this blog as well. You know it has made me pretty exhausted just thinking about it to be honest!

Don't worry though, if you are not interested is seeing my vlogs, the blog will not be neglected. I am scheduling a load of posts to appear throughout December for you my lovely blog readers, which I might say while I am at it, a big Thank you. I have gone from around 40 readers a day this time last year to now nearly 200 a day. I love you guys, thank you so much for all of your support. Along with blog posts, I am also aiming to still post my Glossybox and Flowbow reviews and unboxing when they arrive as I know alot of you like to see those from the comments I have received in the past. So one way or another you won't be able to get rid of me. Ha!

So what am I going to do in Vlogmas? To be quite honest I haven't got a clue! I am a little scared and daunted by it but I am up for the challenge that is certain. Mr B is all OK and geared up for it too. Basically I think most of the vlogs will be a follow us around / day in the life of type vlogs. I love watching those so I hope you do too. You know I art journal and am a filofax user so I hope to share some of that aspect of my life with you too.

I hope you have a fun and festive time whatever you get up to!

Happy Vlogmas x

Me, posting my letter to Father Christmas at Winter Wonderland, Center Parcs.

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