Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our Family Christmas Card

Every year we create our own Christmas card to mail to friends and family. Snail mail is getting less and less and I think that something through your letter box truly means that you are thinking of someone far more than an email blast. We try and make it even more personal by having a photoshoot so that the card is of our family rather than just a generic card bought from the supermarket. Real thought goes into sending our cards it really does, not to mention a lot of time, patience and carrots!

This year we thought we would up the game a little and create our most ambitious Christmas card to date.

We got glammed up and had a blast to create a homely retro card.

Everything had to be photographed individually and then photoshopped altogether. No we did not put our bunnies and piggies in stockings and suspend them over a raging fire! Jon held them up against a blank wall whilst I photographed them. We photographed the stockings separately and then used photoshop to stitch it together. We love our animals dearly and they are our precious children, we would never distress them in anyway.

It is not supposed to be the most realistic shoot ever but it is intended to make the viewers smile and have a little giggle. We know we smiled and had such a laugh putting this altogether, even if little Bay wanted to go exploring at every opportunity.

We even videoed part of the process and have put together a short "making of' video if you would like to see. In fact I like the making of video more than the card itself and a smile reliving the memories of making it every time I watch.


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