Friday, 13 December 2013

My best cuticle saviour ever!

Just lately I have the driest cuticles ever! They just keep splitting and peeling and it has just been awful. You know I love my nail varnishes and my hands looking lovely not to mention how painful split cuticles can be. I have tried several different oils and balms over the past couple of months from the really cheap to the moderately expensive or the higher end of the beauty line, which incidentally I am often confused by that as I am not always sure what constitutes a designer or high end product. Anyway, I was just literally buying any cuticle cream I could because I was desperate to sort it out, the one on the side of my thumb was painful when I typed so I just couldn't have that any longer!

I can't remember where I heard it, I think it was on a YouTube video, I certainly didn't read it, but they were saying that they really liked the Lush Lemony Butter. Willing to try anything, the next time I was in Cambridge shopping, I had to stop by the Lush shop to pick one up for myself. At £6.50 it was quite reasonable but after I tried it, well the price could be £20 and I would still buy it.

For me this product was just simply put, Amazing! It has a beautiful, funny enough, lemon fragrance which is really lovely. I am not always a fan of lemon fragrance products as I often think they smell a bit like washing up liquid but not this one. It is delightful. You don't have to stop at your cuticles though as it is really good at everything, any dry rough racked skin it works a lovely treat. It goes on beautifully and to me it just feels like a little mini treat. There is something I find oddly therapeutic about rubbing it into my nails for a couple of minutes. It does take a little while to soak in completely but then I am being very liberal and generous with the amounts I am using, still it is working lovely and really helping.

I have not been paid or sponsored to write / feature this product, I just wanted to share it with you in case you found yourself to be in a similar position that I was because I now cannot be without it!

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