Monday, 31 March 2014

Cuppa Tea Pet? - What I have been drinking in February & March 2014

Pop the kettle on lovies as it is Tea Time! Well time for me to talk about tea anyway.

It is no secret that I loves me a cuppa tea. If you follow me on instagram you will often find piccies of tea, tea hauls, tea mugs, where I am drinking my tea photos etc etc. A little bit tea obsessed is what I be. In fact I have really ramped up my tea drinking of late, I don't know why for sure but I am thinking that it could be something to do with the season. During the winter months I was opting for a good 'ol builders brew and now Spring has sprung here, I am going back over to my herbals more and I am really loving them.

So I am back with my 'cuppa tea pet?' series, the series in which I talk about and review the teas that I have been drinking. Love them or hate them I tell you all. I have combined February & March into one but I may do another one in April as I have so much to talk about.

If tea is not your thing or you don't like talk about tea then this video is not for you. It is serious tea overload and I loves it!

So on the menu were the following:

1. Chocolate Flake Tea - Tea Pigs
2. Three Tulsi - Pukka Herbs
3. Blackcurrant Burst - Twinings
4. Happy Me - English Tea Shop
5. Sensual Me - English Tea Shop
6. Calming Fennel - Twinings

It was certainly a couple of months of very pleasant drinking indeed. I mentioned in the video that I needed to find a stockist of the English Tea shop and well, lo and behold they have their own e-commerce website. Yippeeee! I am off to have a browse and see what lovely teas I can sample over the next coming months. Oh happy days.

See you soon for another cuppa tea pet x

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