Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Jon's Journals.

I talk quite a bit in my videos on both channels and also here on the blog about my husband Jon. As you know he keeps journals too. It is really nice to have someone who understands the importance of keeping journals and who makes time to keep one as well.

Quite a few people now have asked to know more about Jon's journals, things like; why does he journal, when, what about, his views on journal keeping and such like. For a while now he has been hesitant on being on camera to talk about his journals. He is very happy to be in vlogs, very happy indeed but he just couldn't understand why people would want to watch a video about his journals. I had to show him all the comments that you lovely people had left for him and then he was like "ah ok". It was like the penny had dropped!

I think a lot of you were interested for a couple of different reasons. Some of you were interested from a male perspective as lots of the videos on youtube on journal keeping are by women. Do men even journal? Well yes quite a lot do. What do they journal about? Who knows! And because I journal and share my journals with you, I think some of you wanted to know what the other side is like.

Jon has a bit of a different personality than me. Jon is very analytical and methodical. He is a very intelligent person, he did a degree in Computer Science and works in a technical job. The way his mind thinks and responds is totally different to mine. Give him the children's toy with different peg shapes and the corresponding holes and he will go through and sort them all out first where as I just delve in and start trying to shove a round peg in a square hole! My head and subsequently my journals, is a big old mess of colour and swirls and candy floss. Jon's is regimented with lines and neatness.

So I finally convinced him to talk to you all about his journals. He didn't know what to say or what to talk about so I decided to 'interview' him. Hopefully we covered everything that you wanted to know but if you would like to know more or would like him to do any more videos on this or any other subject he would be very happy to, just say the word. Please give him a thumbs up - he was shy!

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