Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring Journal Tag {Original}

Spring is here in the UK and flowers are bursting into bloom everywhere. We had been lucky with the weather warming up although it has turned a bit cold again this week. That being said, I am really into the Spring frame of mind and I have found that this has had an impact on my journal and what I am journalling about and I wondered if any of you have found that too?

I thought it might be fun to create a tag so that I can share some Spring journalling with you and also because I want to know if Spring has brought about a change with you too! I tag any of you who would like to do this tag too. Here are the questions if you fancy doing this either in video or blog form but let me know so I can come and see yours!

1. Does the season or weather have an impact on your journaling? How?
2. Do you journal outside in the warmer weather?
3. What do you take with you when you journal outside?
4. Do you draw on any Spring inspiration in your journal?
5. It is Spring cleaning time, what do you do with all those old journals?
6. What journal will you be using this Spring? Do you change with the seasons?
7. Please (if you can / want to) share some recent Spring journaling / Art journal pages / smashbook pages
8. Spring is a good time to try something new, what would you fancy trying?
9. What habits would you like to change / get rid of / introduce now that Spring is here?
10. What music are you journaling to this Spring?

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