Friday, 28 March 2014

Filofax Tour / Set Up - Filofax Friday - Week 12

I thought this week I would share with you my best friend in the whole wide world. Ok second best after Mr B, no wait then there is the bunnies and piggies. OK well so suffice it to say that my daily filofax is pretty high up there for me. Basically what I am trying to say is that without this beast I would be lost. I wouldn't be able to function simple as that.

I call it a beast as it is the A5 size and when you compare it to the personal it does seem rather large at times. It is also quite heaving when it it stuffed to the max. I very rarely take my beat out of the house though because I really don't have a need. I say NEED because I would love to but I couldn't justify the backache of carrying it around. I work from home and if I do go somewhere like say the hairdressers when you might need to make a follow up appointment I usually check the diary before I go and then when I get home just check again. So far this way has not caused me any problems. I do like the A5 size though for a couple of reasons, firstly because I have large handwriting or at least I get quite scruffy / sloppy when I am jotting stuff down and secondly I often have alot I need to get in there and last but not least, because you can put A4 pieces of paper in really easily and as we are on the 'A' scale of paper sizes here in the UK that is a major plus point for me!

This particular filofax is an A5 Apex in black with orange elastic. This will make you so so mad but I bought it for just £15 (with free postage) from I think they are nearly double that now though unfortunately. I do like it a lot I have to say, it has worn so well and the elastic is fine, in fact I can put loads in it, it lays flat and it is just a really nice good all rounder in my opinion. I think it is an under rated and over looked Filofax!

I have shown my daily filofax several times, sometimes quite fleeting glimpses but this week I thought I would give you a proper tour of how I set it up. This has changed some what since the last time that I showed you all back in October of 2013. Some sections were really not working for me and some I had totally over complicated it so I did a bit of tweaking and not we are running like a well oiled machine. I know at some point it will change again but that is a good thing. Change is a good thing and we are constantly evolving, embrace it!

Remember it is not compulosry, no one will know if you have done it or not. I am just setting prompts / tasks for you to help and motivate you in this series. Pick and choose each week whether you would like to do the homework or not it is entirely up to you! If you ever need to ask or clarify anything with me please do get in touch through any of the social media platforms. Sometimes it takes a while but I do reply to each and every message that is left for me.

I want you to really think about the way in which you are using your planner. Is it working for you? If yes then great but if not then why not? Be honest with yourself and ditch the sections or items in there that just aint doing it for you! I know it is a bold and somewhat brave step but go on try it. If you miss it then it was something that you needed after all and if you don't miss it, well there you go that just proves that it really was a worthwhile exercise! Also please remember that just because one way works for someone else, this does not mean that it will work for you too. Yes, please do look at other people's set ups for ideas and inspiration but please don't think that it has to be this way. Don't be afraid to try new things and have fun experimenting!

Next Week
Next week...well I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline so I am not sure which one I am going to share but there definitely will be a next week! If there is ever anything you would like to know or see then do get in touch, I am very happy to accommodate if and where I can!


Clear up the clutter. It diverts your attention, hampers your thinking, dilutes your efforts and hinders your progress ~ Merrill Douglass

 Thank you for watching / reading folks and enjoy your planning.

Remember your planner will only work for you and help keep you organised and on track if you use it.

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