Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn dividers in my Filofax

My instagram challenge is now in full swing (although it is not too late to join in if you would still like to) and I am loving seeing everyone's autumnal pictures and I am really enjoying seeing the world around me change too.

The prompt for day 7 was 'I made this' and I was trying to think of what to post, I know isn't that silly, I set the prompts but was still trying to think of what I could do. It just shows you that I randomly picked prompts without really thinking about what I was going to post either!

So I was doing a bit of planning as you do and thought that my Filofax needed making even more autumnal so I decided to make some autumn dividers. What do you think?

I used paper from American Crafts / Studio Calico in the print shop design and made them into four dividers as I am only using four sections in my personal sized planner at the moment.

I embellished the paper by sticking bunny and fox stickers on from the woodland sticker collection available in my etsy shop. I love woodland creature my favourites being foxes and bunnies.

I also made myself matching washi on the go cards and a page marker.

and now I am feeling super duper autumnal! For later in the month I am going to decorate some of my pages with pumpkins but they are more halloween than autumn and I just don't quite feel ready for halloween just yet!

I am also hoping to enter this competion with my pictures!



  1. Foxes and toadstools, absolutely perfect for autumn!

  2. So cute! May I ask what type of laminater you use, heat or no heat? I've tried making my own with my heat laminater ans when I punch the holes and put the slices in like your bookmark, mine tend to get air inside.
    Thanks for sharing, I luv them. I'm hoping to make some Halloween or fall and some Christmas ones ;)

    1. I use a GBC Inspire laminator which is a heated one. Are you making sure that the page is smooth before you put it in? I do sometimes get bubbles but not very often but I try and pop them and run it back through a couple of times and that usually sorts them out x