Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Supplier Spotlight - The Idea Owl

I have another supplier spotlight to share with you today, in the way of 'The Idea Owl'. I have to say I am a rather naughty person of late and I have placed an order with The Idea Owl every single month for the past couple of months, I do need to curb this as we head towards Christmas though as I need to spend my hard earned pennies on Christmas presents rather than on myself. We all have something don't we, I am so not into clothes, I hardly ever buy clothes, stationery and art supplies are just my thing!

I can't remember when I first came accross The Idea Owl but I am glad that I did. You know I am addicted to instagram, that is no secret and it is on instagram that I found them. The way it works is by a package system, several times a day they post a picture of a stock item that is for sale showing you what it is and how much it is and you just comment on that item saying that you would like it adding to your package. If you don't have a package already open you do need to set one up. All you do is email with your shipping address and the email address associated with your paypal account. They hold packages for up to four weeks, meaning that you can add to that package at any time. After the four weeks is over you will automatically receive a paypal invoice which you will need to pay within 48 hours and your items are then shipped out after that pay date. You can of course request your invoice at any time you don't have to wait for four weeks.

So the major plus points are that you can order at any time whilst just flipping through your instagram feed and you can pick and choose what you would like and then you get a package after four weeks full of surprises that you don't remember ordering. The above photo is my latest order but shhhhhh don't tell Mr B! To be fair most of that order is actually letter writing sets to send letters to my pen pals with so it is not as though I am hoarding anything!

The downsides are that you don't remember what you have ordered so don't know how much you are spending, however they are very happy to tell you how much you are up to if you ask. The other one is temptation! As it comes up in your feed it is very tempting to buy everything so you need to be strong and listen to your will power and stick to your budget!

The Idea Owl sells a wide range of items for planner addicts, stationery nuts and pen pal peeps all items are of a kawaii nature and they are really reasonably priced. As I say, I have mainly been purchasing items to write to my pens pals or to gift my pen pals with. I find it hard to buy reasonably priced yet cute letter sets but I have found all that with The Idea Owl! I don't want to share photos on here in case my penpals see it and I want it to be a surprise. What I will say is that I am really impressed with the quality of items, the price, the customer service. All in all a great supplier and one that I truly reccommend.

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