Thursday, 16 October 2014

Brand new personal planner kits from Websters Pages

I came accross Websters Pages on Instagram as several people were sharing their giveaway photo. Before this I had never heard of them, another reason why I love Instagram is to find new companies and products as well as interact with other people in the planner community.

Of course once I heard about their new planners I headed straight over to the website to look, oh come on, what planner nerd enthusiast wouldn't huh! Come on don't lie to me, I know if you are reading this and you didn't know about them that you are heading over to their website to take a look!

OK so I headed over to their website and saw this great big picture of their new planners and well what can I say they look absolutely divine! I haven't seen one in real life so I can only talk about what I can see on the website. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to get one for a while as I don't have the pennies but I will definitely be asking Father Christmas for one. All the colours look fantastic don't they.

So which one would I go for if I could? Well a really tough call that one as truth be told I do love them all. If we were in late Summer I would be thinking of going for the caramel colour as it looks very autumnal but it wouldn't arrive for me in time to fully enjoy it in this season. Thinking ahead I am really drawn to the Sky, White and Teal for the winter months. I mean just look at that white colour, wouldn't it look beautiful all decked out in wintery snowyness? I have a snowflake planner charm that would look absolutely perfect dangling off of the spangly whiteness of that planner. I love love love it and judging by how much I love my Filofax nude, I know I would love that white planner too. And then as we move forward into the Spring those pink colours start to come into their own. I am not saying that you couldn't use those colour planners at any other time in the year, just that I really like to co-ordinate with the Seasons and these colours would do that perfectly for me.

They are a really good price at $24.99 / £15.70 for the planner alone and $34.99 / £21.99 for the planner kit although I can't tell you what the quality is like in comparison to the price. If you have bought one I would really like to know just for comparisons. The only downside for us Brits is that shipping is as much as the planner costs, that being said you could still grab yourself a planner kit with shipping for the same, if not cheaper than some of the Filofaxes retail at.

The kits look really good and this is something that I really wish Filofax would do. Don't get me wrong I love to customise my own Filofax or purchase dividers from Etsy sellers but I would also really like it if your Filofax came with items to co-ordinate. I get a bit fed up of every Filofax coming with the same dividers regardless of the colour you buy and that is something I like of the Kikki K planners in that they co-ordinate their dividers more. Just Keep Pinning sells Filofax starter kits on her Etsy shop which is great for people just starting out or who want to buy the whole kit and caboodle and I am really pleased to see Websters Pages doing the same thing.

What do you get when you buy the kit from Websters Pages? Well according to the product description on the website you receive:
  • Personal size (A2) 6-ring split (bicast) leather binder & inspiration tag
  • 2015 Month & Week on 2 Pages Calendar (high quality, smooth papers)
  • Today page marker
  • 5 patterned dividers plus one cover design
  • Dashboard Kit (vellum cover quote, 2 clear overlays, circle transparent stickers, message stickers, paperclip)
  • Quick Notes paperpad
That really does sound very good for the money in my opinion and of course the dividers look divine. In fact the company has so many beautiful scrapbook designs which have been transferred and produced into matching dividers for your planner.

Of course depending on the planner kit you buy your dividers will vary in design but having had a look at them all I can't say that there are any I dislike the look of. I would so get all the planner kits if I could! The above dividers are the ones that you get in the light teal kit. But if you just like the look of the dividers and didn't want to get yourself a planner they sell the divider kits on their own for $6.95 / £4.37 and according to the item description on the website it includes:
  • A2 Size Coated 6 hole punched Divider Set
  • 5 Pattenered Dividers, plus one cover design
  • DASHBOARD Kit Included (Vellum, 2 overlays, 2 sticker sheets, paperclip
Again this seems really good value for me.

If that is not enough I even noticed that they sell matching folios for stashing all of your planner goodies for $14.95 / £9.39, they do come empty but the photo on their website shows how they would look with your bits and pieces inside.

So what do you think fellow planner fans? Will you be hopping over to buy one or do you have one already? Please do share as I would love to know what you think.

PLEASE NOTE: Any of the links in this post are NOT affiliate links. This review is my own personal opionion on the product / company and has not be sponsored or endorsed in any way, I approached the company myself and asked if I could feature them on my blog. The photography in this post is all from the Webster Pages website and used with permission from the company.


  1. I have just ordered, I ordered the sky colour so will let you know once I receive it in December!

    1. oooh lovely! I am so jealous! If you would that would be great as I would love to know x

  2. I also ordered one in the Sky color last night. It is a birthday present for me.I even splurged and got the matching folio. I can't wait to get them. :) I'm a happy girl.

    1. fabulous, I am very jealous indeed, I would love to but I just can't afford it at the moment. I would love to know what they are like x

  3. Oh, I'll have to take a look at these!

  4. They looks so nice,I would go for the bright pink. You have got me hooked on everything stationary :) xx

    1. oh dear, I truly apologise to you and your bank account lolz ; )

  5. I preordered the sky blue and the teal--I couldn't choose between them. Plus, I ordered the matching cases because I could not help myself. My excuse is that I don't have a "real planner" but I really don't need them, I just want them!