Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Upcycling Autumn into my journal (fauxdori) and Filofax

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this picture. This was a flyer that was put through my door by a local estate agent and I received it twice. The first time it came through my letterbox I stuck it into my journal because I wanted to journal a bit more about Autumnal things so it seemed very fitting.

The second time it came through I decided to turn it into a dashboard, so I cut it down to size, covered up all the writing on the back with a beautiful scrapbook paper in a leaf design, hole punched it and laminated it and now here I have the most beautiful Autumn scene that I can look at even when it is too wet to get outside!

Once again can we just pause to reflect on how good this looks in the nude original. I will say it ten thousand times, the nude just goes with everything!

The paisely looking page marker you see is also a bif of upcycling! This was cut out from the packaging that some pumpkin spiced reed sticks I bought came in. This is just a little bit wider than the standard markers that come with the Filofax as I just loved the design I cut it wider so that I could see more of it!

I have talked about upcycling and using random things in your Filofax a couple of times in the past so you can find out more about upcycling into your Filofax here or what you can make your dashboards out of here.

And if you didn't see it on instagram here is a bit more autumn-ness for you. I am really enjoying that tea, it is like Autumn in a mug and whilst we are talking about mugs...hello! isn't that owl mug so cute! He was a present from an Avon rep friend of mine (it's from Avon). You can see the above dashboard in the photo below before it was turned into a dashboard!

I am also hoping to enter this competion with my pictures!



  1. That is exactly what Autumn should look like, its beautiful! I love how any image or paper can be turned into a dashboard - and how easy it is to switch them out!

    1. I am always looking at stuff and thinking hmmmm I wonder what I can turn that into lol!

  2. I love Autumn pictures, and that is one pretty picture.

    1. It is great isn't it, so glad that it came through my door lol! You should enter the comp x