Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What's in my pencil case?

I often see 'what's in my bag' type posts and I really enjoy those as I am nosey and I like to see what everyone else is using so I thought it would be fun to share a 'what's in my pencil case' for all us arty / journal / planner peeps!

So would you like to see what is in my pencil case...

I don't know whether a 'tag' already exists for this but I thought it would be fun to set one up and here are my responses to the questions.

1. What pencil case are you using / do you use?
As my everyday pencil case I am currently using the pretty floral case that you see in the above photo although I do have several pencil cases that I often use for different reasons.

2. Why do you use it?
I am using this one mainly because I adore the pattern, I love the retro flower print, I just think it is so cute and I also love the shape. I also love that it is really roomy and you can fit a lot in it as well as being a nice shape to hold.

3. Where was it from?
I bought this from an Etsy shop: PrettyPaperFilo

4. Do you carry it out and about or does it stay at home?
I don't really have the need to carry a pencil case around that much. Occassionally I do in which case I will take a much slimmer one with me. If I do need to take a few things with me it is usually because we are going away in which case I would then take this away packed with my favourte items.

5. Show us what was inside?
Well... please watch the video as I showed everything in there or for a brief glance you can see the items in the top photo.

6. What was in there that you had forgotten about?
In my main pencil case, nothing but in my other pencil cases there were a few forgotten items!

7. What is your most used / favourite item?
I have a few favourite items that I couldn't just pick one! I really like coloured pens and at the moment I am using a sonix gel in teal from Staples, the Soda Fizz pen and also a papermate inkjoy in purple. I am also loving my penguin pencil sharpener, a fox rubber that I got in a recent Linys box and my all time favourite glue: Pritt Stick.

I am also really loving the Pilot disposable fountain pen that came in a recent Linkys box and my all time favourite permanent black pen for doodling etc is the Uniball eye. I also can't live without my Posca paint pens in both black and white.

8. Now you have gone through you case what will you leave out? if anything!
Nope! lol! I am really happy with everything I have in there at the moment but if I had to take something out then it would probably be my blending stumps.

9. How often do you go through your case and change things?
I am always changing pencil cases and go in and out of love with products so I change my pencil case around loads!

10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New contents? What is on your wish list?
I have asked Father Christmas for a Lamy Safari fountain pen so I hope I am a good girl to get it!

I would love to know what you have in your pencil case so if you care to share either with a video, blog post or just a comment please do let me know so I can have a nose in your pencil case too - I tag all of you who would like to do it to please do this tag!


  1. It's always fun to sneak a peak into what others use! I'm pretty sure I just put a couple pens on my own wish list. I can't wait to get home and watch the video (I'm sneaking a peek at your blog from work!)

    1. oh that is funny, you are just like me, my wish list grows everyday lol x

  2. Ooh this is a great idea! I've never seen one of these 'what's in my...' posts before! :3
    My pencil case is sadly not as interesting though!

    1. I still want to see because I am very nosey and love it xx

  3. I thought I had a lot of pens in my case until I saw your post. LOL!


  4. I did the tag today on my blog =)


  5. I love watching your video. It's really funny, especially when you showed your bag organizer that has used tissue with watercolor marks. Haha! Oh and when you said that you will still not be using the red BIC multi pen. Poor, Red multi pen. Haha!

    I will also try to make a video on what's inside my pencil case. "TRY" because I do not have a youtube channel. Anyway, this is getting long. LOL.

    1. well it was real lol!
      Let me know when you do, I will come watch :D

  6. I love having a noosy too! I decided to do your tag on my blog today! i would be honored if you would take a look! xx