Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hello Handsome.

Hello Handsome...

Anyone that has followed me for a while knows that I have coverted the Ochre Malden for some time, well not 'some time' but actually for a long time. I have seen many people using this planner and I am not the only one that considers this to be the 'unicorn planner'. I know that the Malden is at the top of a lot of people's Christmas lists. I don't actually know why people call something their unicorn but I do get the gist of the meaning lol! Such a small country village girl me lol!

What is it about this particular planner that makes it so desired? If it is on your list please do let me know as I am intrigued to know. For me it is just the look of it. Everytime I see one something inside of me just aches for it and I am not entirely sure why but it does. I feel pulled towards it time and time again. Why haven't I bought one? I don't know! There have been times when I could afford one and times when I haven't, usually more of the latter but generally I just don't know.

So this week the post man knocked on my door and presented me with a parcel I had no idea was coming. I opened it as you do and underneath the beautiful packaging was this handsome man. Of course I read the note that went with it too from a very kind, thoughtful and generous friend. I was blown away. Knocked down. Speechless. Overwhelmed. Flooded with emotion. And all kind of things that I just wasn't sure. This is one of those times in my life where I had to sit down and where my heart literally missed a bit and I had tingles all over. I kid you not! You think I am over embellishing but I can assure you that I am not.

I was stunned not only by the beauty that is the Ochre Malden but also for the very kind and generous gift. The person knows who she is and she will also be receiving something privately in the post from me but I also wanted to publicly say thank you and to introduce the new man in my life to you all.

Once I had picked myself up from the floor, I moved in instantly! I had to, I couldn't not. My gift giver also put a few goodies in there for me as this present was a combined 'been a brave girl with my accident' / christmas / Birthday present. Inside were birthday themed things which I just love and I am going to save those for decorating my birthday month (yes I said month lol!) The day I received this was the day that my instagram challenege had the prompt 'colours of Autumn' so I just had to make something that would fit as isn't the rich brown of the leather just so Autumnal. I really like the idea of changing Filofaxes around with the seasons or months and making them all festive. That was actually one of the things I love about the nude original is that it just goes with everything but then so does this beauty and I can't see myself ever moving out. I know at some point that I probably will because that is what planner people do but I know it will not be for long at all. I don't think my heart could bear it as my heart does belong to Mr Malden. Sorry Mr B but there is another man in my life now! I think what ever planner I am in, I will always be pulled back to Mr Malden.

How do you thank someone that has given you a gift like this? A gift that totally blows you away. How can you possibly convey how grateful that you are and how much this truly means to you? I don't know if I can. I don't know if my words of thanks can truly give it justice! Can they? But please know that I am truly, deeply thankful and you will be seeing a lot more of us. Oh I said us ; )


  1. Wow, just wow... what a wonderful friend you have! I know you have wanted a Malden for a long time, he is gorgeous. I love those wrinkles! We're filo twinies now ;)

    1. I know and I just love everything about it too, I can see why so many people love it!

  2. How lovely. A genuine lovely act of kindness is simple and yet can achieve so much. I don't know the background to the gift, but clearly the sender was inspired to simply convey a message to you in the way they chose to. The element of surprise adding to the genuine show of care and appreciation. We live in a world full of miserable, horrid and dreadful stories,and it is therefore refreshing that someone can do something that is done in a genuine manner with lovely intent.

  3. He is beautiful, oh my goodness! And the dashboard is very much Autumnal. Looking forward to seeing more of Mr. Malden soon!!

  4. This is such a gorgeous Filofax. You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend :-) I'm a month into this Filofax / planner craze and have been drooling over Maldens the whole time. I have not seen one in Malaysia yet but it will be terribly expensive if made available here.

  5. That is one beautiful gift.xx

  6. What a sweet, generous gift! It's beautiful.

  7. What a generous gift! It does look lovely, but I'm not really one of those who really want a Malden :3