Saturday, 16 September 2017

Colourful Cosmic Crafting

Hiya folks!

Can you believe we are half way through September already? Just six days and it will be autumn! I am so busy doing all sorts of creative projects these days that the time has flown by so quickly and deadlines are looming. One of those deadlines is this blog post for dear Anna (oh no!) and another is a paper crafting workshop that I must plan for next month.


All of my problems dissolved when I saw Anna's September collage sheets on her Patreon. Check out this Mrs Brimbles video if you want to see the cute critters and gorgeous abstractness. I love that there is an autumnal theme with some of the elements but that there are some pieces that are not specific to a season, and it was to those that I turned for my project this month. Much of my workshop planning has consisted of basically making different paper flowers over and over again. Oh what a chore - said no crafter ever. For the early makes I used paper from my stash with one colour, pretty but plain. During this process I narrowed it down to two possible projects, a rose and a pinwheel. Then I began to make some with the collage sheets and I absolutely love how scrumptious they look.


Anna painted a beautiful painting on canvas recently that was snapped up as soon as it was listed it in her shop. How lucky are we that we get to print out the image of that very piece of art work, cut it up and use it? The other designs are dreamy too.



For the pinwheels I like the idea of sticking fun things in the centre like buttons and die cut circles from a map or newspaper. Instead though, I have cut circles from one of my watercolour paintings and a bit of scrapbook paper.


However, I have toyed with the idea of using these fun die cut pieces I have been hoarding from the March 2017 Brimbles Box. That shooting star! Love it :)



I am quite sure these examples will inspire folk at my workshop just as much as the collage sheets are inspiring me. Thanks for reading.

Until next time...
Steph x x x

PS. I will be completing the project by making the flowers into brooches. Keep an eye on my Instagram for a selfie of me wearing one.

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