Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Autumn Wildflower Planner Pages

It might be October, and half the world is preparing for Autumn or Halloween, but here in Australia, we're moving into Spring and while I wish Halloween was more of a popular holiday here (it's my favourite), I don't often decorate Halloween-style until a bit later in the month.
Which is completely okay - because it means I get to use these gorgeous September Garden stickers that came in last month's box. 

I love the muted, neutral colours that Anna used for these stickers - they're not colours I gravitate towards naturally, so to receive them in a kit and to use them is really great for me to experiment with colour palettes I might not otherwise use. (Which is a reason why I love subscription services - they help me overcome my same-old, same-old mentality!)

There's nothing overly fancy about my layout - in fact, this is a style I don't use very often any more, especially using washi tape strips to divide my planner sections. I used to do it all the time, and it was nice to revisit it. I think it turned out very calm and ordered, with plenty of space to write in everything that needs to happen in a week.

I layered a lot of the floral stickers together - I wanted to create a garden effect, and that meant sticking things on top of one another. I even chopped off bits to have them go right to the edge of the paper! I know, it can be hard to do when you want to showcase how wonderful all the stickers are, but it can make it look very organic, too, like the pictures extend beyond the paper.

As always, I have a process video for those of you who like to see how planner decorations come together. I, personally, am more of a decorative planner, rather than functional (I tend to bullet journal inside my planner, so this suits me perfectly fine!) My planner is my scrapbook and journal and checklists all rolled into one!

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I hope that wherever you are in the world, you're having a wonderful day. Happy planning!
Stef xx

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