Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Painting a Fantastic Fox


Hiya folks! Just a quick one for you this time to show how I got on painting a fox under the instruction of one of Anna's Patreon videos for October. It all started out really well and I used some watercolour paints to create the basic shape of my fox's head.


Once the paint was dry I went in with some ink to draw in the eyes - well this was a big mistake. The ink was water soluble and not waterproof and it ran wildly all over the fox's face and stained my picture. To rescue my picture, I ended up covering up all the paint with ink in different colours and, although it is not what I was aiming for, it is not too bad for a practice fox. I'm particularly loving the turquoise acrylic paint I used to make the background.


I worked on another with the determination to make a mixed media journal page with a mostly watercolour fox. This time I was careful to use a waterproof pen to draw the whiskers and mouth and pencil crayons to do the eyes and other details. Additionally, Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl was a great favourite of mine when growing up so I thought I would use a quote from that book to complete the page. It really sums up the life affirming quality of the story and it gives me a lovely warm feeling inside. Here is the outcome of my efforts and I am tremendously happy with it.


 Thanks for reading. Until next time… Steph x x x 

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