Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Grace's Halloween Projects:

October may well be my favourite month - it's when Autumn really begins for me (rather than 22nd September!), and it has Halloween!

 Because I love both Autumn and Halloween, when Anna offered the Sticker Club Design team a choice of either the lovely watercolour autumnal stickers or Halloween stickers, I was really torn. 

But Halloween won in the end, I just love it so much!

If you'd like to see the sticker sheets in more detail, then I have a video of them here.

As per usual, I started off with planner pages; this time back in my personal size. It's very unusual that I decorate so far in advance, so it felt a bit surreal (spooky?!... I'm sorry, that was awful!). It also meant I wasn't really able to put any 'plans' in, so you're very much getting a 'before the pen' spread.

After that I decided to do another bullet journal-esque monthly page. 
I'll be honest, when I did the same thing last month I thought it would just be a cute and fun way to use and showcase the stickers, but it ended up being an extremely useful page to glance at and reference, so I think this will be a permanent addition to my planner! 

And of course I had to write in orange pen - it's not often you get an opportunity to do so! Plus I got to do some serious sticker clustering!

Both the cobwebs and bats washi were purchased from Anna's shop last year, and unfortunately are no longer available. But if you go to the Autumn/Halloween section in the shop you'll find some similarly spooky tapes!

My last project was a decorated happy mail envelope. I have a pen pal who I think will really appreciate and share my love for Halloween, so I've got this ready for the next letter I send her. 

Sticker clustering again!

On the back I put one of the full boxes that I didn't use in my planner decoration, and I'll write my return address on that when the time comes. 

If you like the look of all those black, white, and orange sequins, then you can get some very similar in Anna's shop: the Spooktacular Sequin Mix

And there we go! Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Halloween!

Grace @ms.paperlover

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