Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fairy tale forest planner


The great thing about the fall is that there are so many beautiful colors. It also is finally no longer as warm and that has its advantages. I love extremely thick coats and faux fur boots. Not only people dressing warmer, also animals make a natural fur coat as soon as the days become shorter.

It seems like everything looks cuter as it gets colder. It's time for thick long-haired cute animals playing in the woods and sniffing around between the leaves. The only thing I miss are gnomes and long-haired unicorns with bird's nests in their moons.


Bunnies and foxes that for awhile become good friends because they can suggle up together because of their fur. I imagine a friendly big fairytale forest for with whirling leaves and animals that are hiding in their burrows and collect nuts through the winter. in the evening, the nuts and fruits were distributed among all animals on a large clearing in the forest so that every inhabitant of the woods has a winter inventory.



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