Sunday, 15 October 2017

Woodland Creatures Planner Pages

Hi everyone,

Chloé here again, sharing my October sticker kit project. I absolutely adore the woodland creatures in this kit, and couldn't wait to use them in my planner! I like to decorate my pages, but I prefer to keep it reasonably simple. The Brimbles sticker kits are perfect for this, as they include a fab mix of functional and decorative stickers.

How beautiful do the decorative animal stickers look?! Anna absolutely knocked it out of the park with this kit, and I just can't get enough of that watercolour fox. It's just gorgeous!

I had a lot going on this week, and I definitely made the most of the functional stickers. There's an icon for everything, and they're perfect for quick to-do lists. Often, I can quickly glance at my planner pages and remind myself of my daily jobs purely from the icons!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this month's project: you can follow my social media for more crafty goodness!

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