Friday, 6 June 2014

A whole lot of catch up - Filofax Friday

Oh Filofax Friday Did you miss me? Did you notice? If you are a blog reader you probably wouldn't have noticed that I took a week off last week but if you are a YT subscriber only then you would have lol. I had non video content scheduled on the blog for last week you see.

Last week Mr B had the week off work and we were going away for the most of it but the weather put pay to that but we were able to get a way for a night at the coast and also managed to squeeze in a spa day and a couple of nice meals, all in all we had a lovely week just chilling and pottering around together and that was great fun. So I thought for Filofax Friday this week I would do a bit of a catchy up type of chatty type of vlog type video type. I don't know why there were so many 'types' in there but there are, just my way of trying to explain things.

What has been going on? Well firstly on Saturday 31st May I went to London for the Philofaxy meet up which was such good fun. Everyone was so very friendly and it was great to eat good food, have great conversation and fondle, yes I said fondle, planners. Thanks to Mr Morton from Philofaxy I am now in love with a Gillio lol! Anyway, more on that, much more next week. I went with Georgie from Georgie@Home and we vlogged our day so I am still yet to edit that footage but I will and will share it next for you all.

Also on Saturday the giveaway closed and so the winners have been randomly drawn and contacted. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered and also to our lovely giveaway sponsors.

Anyway lovies, I must dash, this week I am playing catch up from having last week where pretty much nothing got done and various other appointments and things have been going on this week. It is all go I tell you.


  1. Hi,

    I put your blog on my filofax bloggers list

    And I envy you a little bit, bcause I'd like to participate in a Meetup in London, too.

    Best regards,