Saturday, 28 June 2014

Linkys Dream Stationery Subscription Box Unboxing - July 2014

Hey guys, it is that time of month again when my door mat is smiling, why? It is Linkys Stationery Subscription box time again! Whoop whooop! I cannot tell you how happy this little (well as it turns out, not so little) box of goodies makes me feel. I mean for a starters just look at the way it came! A delight even before you open it, just look at that yummy cupcake wrapping.

I loved this box and I just knew I would from the outer wrapping. I am such a packaging nerd I can tell you so you can imagine my utmost delight to open the box to find that everything was so lovingly wrapped in the cutest miffy tissue paper. The bunny fan in me practically bounced off the walls! I really don't know how she has the time to do it but pretty much everything is wrapped. By hand. By Leah herself, I tell you Leah, I really do appreciate it, it really is like Christmas.

So on with the unboxing, what did I receive? Well in every Linkys box there are always little bits and pieces like confetti, sequins, pom poms, feathers, that kind of thing and I just love it. I collect it all. You also always receive a confectionery item of some sort and she always pops other little goodies to discover in amongst the packages like paper clips and notelets, lots of nice little bits and bobs.

On to the main items or wrapped items. I received a froggy pen which is in the same style as other pens that I have had from Linkys, super cute and really good quality and they fit very nicely in a Filofax pen loop too! There was also glitter washi tape, a roller deco tape and cute little sticky notes and flags. I also received Martha Stewart Dew Drops which I have heard so much about and seen other people using but I have never actually used any myself so it will be interesting to see how I can incorporate them into my organising and the star stickers will come in handy for prioritising tasks or important dates and as symbols go I do love my stars!

I received some lovely items for my A5 Filofax. I received two super cute bunny dashboards, one super sparkly dashboard and a lovely animal print fly leaf. I also received a pack of beautiful paper, hole punched and ready to go which is just perfect for the Filofax that I use as a journal. I love it all and can't wait to pop them in my Filofax.

I do have an utmost favourite item though and that is the Little Miss notebook not only fun and so me but it is also really good quality. I will without a doubt, put that to good use along with the coloured pencils... I am thinking hobonichi or fauxbonichi style! Also included were project life sized cards which are perfect as journalling spots in my journals or as little notelets in my Filofax.

If you would like to see me 'unbox the box' so you can get a better feel for the items and size etc please do watch the video below.

Wasn't it a fantastic box? If you agree why not get one too! I would hurry if you do, I know at the time of writing this that she is all sold out for July and August is selling out super fast too. There is a limited number of each box but you can buy any month (going forward) right the way through to the end of the year. Boxes are priced at just £15 with shipping in the UK at £3, she does ship internationally and the price is dependent on your Country, you just need to get in touch with her for a quote! Head on over to to order yours!

I know everyone's boxes are different as she tries to cater to your needs. Don't worry if you are not a Filofaxer but just a stationery lover, you don't have to have the Filofax related bits! If you got a Linkys Box and have done an unboxing do leave me a comment as I would love to see what you got too! I know you shouldn't with the time away but I really can't wait until next month now...


  1. That Miss Giggles notebook is soooo cute! We both got the green glitter washi tape, I love it! I really like your glitter dashboard with the little heart shape cut out too, it is very sweet <3

    1. It is so great isn't it, I love my box and yours too, so hard to decide! I will definitely link to you next month so people can see a different perspective :D

  2. You got some great things. Going to head over to the site now and see if I can get myself one. Fingers crossed xx

  3. Oh, this looks so amazing. I went ahead and ordered one for August - excited to see what goodies I get!

    1. Brilliant, you won't be disappointed, you get so much stuff and it is really very good quality, I am sure you will love everything you get x