Monday, 2 June 2014

Linkys Dream Stationery Subscription Box Unboxing - June 2014

Last month I came accross Linkys on Instagram as you know and Leah very kindly sent me one of her subscription boxes for the purposes of a review / unboxing which you can see on this post here.

Well I fell in love with the box and the concept and the packaging and well quite simply everything about it. I loved it and have used pretty much everything that came in the box so I decided to make a purchase for this month, in fact I have also purchased for next month too. That is one of the things that I really like about the box is that you can order and pay on a month by month basis so if you are going on holiday or can't afford it one month then you don't have to buy it. You always have to purchase  a month in advance though, for instance I purchased my July box at the end of May. If you wanted to check the box out for ordering one for yourself you can on Linkys Dream website. The box is £15 plus delivery.

So on to the unboxing for this month. I did an unboxing on video if you would like to see the products as the come out or continue reading for stills!

I say it a lot but I love my packaging and it does really effect how I feel about the end result or the product contained inside. I know I am a marketeers dream! I really love how when you open the box, it is like a beautiful luxury gift all enclosed in pretty tissue paper and then when you get past that most of the items are all individually wrapped. It makes the enjoyment of the box so much more exciting and I love that. It is fun to discover each item rather than just see it all laying there. I think you will have to agree it looks so inviting and just asking for the paper to be ripped off...

So on to the items that I received. This is in no particular order although I have to say my favourite item in the box was the set of sticky notes. I love foxes. OK my all time fav thing is bunnies but next to that I am also obsessed by clouds, rainbows, stars and foxes, a little random fact about me but there you go, now you know. These sticky notes are super super cute and come in four different sizes. I especially love the diet cut foxes, they are just adorable and already I can see that I am going to be using them on weeks when I use my fox inserts and actually I can go to town with a fox theme in my Filofax one week as I can also team them with my woodland stickers and fox paper clip. Man I can't wait for that. Shame it is summer as these are a little bit Autumnal. I can't decide whether to go with it now or to wait for Autumn, either way they are going to look so fab! Also as you can see in the right hand picture, I received two pens.

As I mentioned above, I love clouds and I have been eyeing up washi tape with clouds on for a while now as I have seen it loads on instagram and around social media but have never gotten round to getting myself some. So you can imagine how excited I was to find some in my box this month...argghhhh! Exciting! and that will go rather nicely with my cloud page marker which I got from Peppermint Doxie on Etsy who incidentally has a set of cloud dividers that I have my eye on but I am resiting as I have spent too much on stationery this past month and I need to be good and reign it in. I am also loving the pastel striped tape and the washi samples. Until February of this year I did not own a single roll of washi tape and now I am addicted! Included in the box was this to do list pad and also more sticky notes and notes paper.

last but by no means least, I told you these were in no order, I received a set of post its with cute little flowers on, a set of pockets, a planner charm and a Filofax page marker for my A5, which incidentally I already have a divider in my planner which matches so this is going to be right at home. One of the other things I love about this box is all the other little bits and pieces you receive which I haven't photographed. Leah always includes little stickers, paper clips, rubbers and other little goodies like that which are super cute and really fun.

So there we have it folks, another box which I am really very pleased with and I can't wait to put everything into use.


  1. Love all your box goodies! I agree, the sticky notes look lovely :)


    1. They are great MJ, I don't want to use them, I just want to hoard them and look at them lol x

  2. I just I got my first box and my reaction was the same!!! It was so exciting and everything inside was gorgeous & precious and FUN!!! I can not wait to get my next box! Just a question, in the LAST brown envelope you opened, did you find any bigger Filofax pages?? Mine had one laminated divider, and a few more Filofax punched pages, along with the jar printed divider you got. Just wondering if you got those?? Love the video and just started following you. :)

    1. I know it is great isn't it. I just love opening all the little packages! No I didn't get those but then I believe from what I have seen of others is that the boxes are all slightly different. I think she tries to tailor them to suit you.
      Thanks Sweetie xx