Friday, 27 June 2014

Filofax Friday!

Hi Filofax Friday Friends! Today for FF I am coming to your in vlog format again. I do really enjoy just sitting down and having a chat with you all!

So what am I talking about this week?

Getting to 1,000 followers on instagram! Crikey, I still can't believe that over a thousand of you want to look at pictures from little old me, that just blows my mind it really does and I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you for your support, it really does mean a lot to me and I do appreciate it. As a token of my appreciation I ran a giveaway over on instagram for a £25.00 voucher to spend in my Etsy store. This giveaway is now closed and the winner was annouced. I am sure I will do another giveaway in the future when I hit another milestone. I do very much like giving back to the people that support me.

OK so here is a misconception about me... a lot of people think that because I have a blog and make youtube videos that I am online a lot. In fact that couldn't be father from the truth. I practically never go on Facebook or Twitter but I do LOVE with capital letters, Instagram. For me that is my social media of choice because I just love the positivity and I am a very visual person and just love looking at photos about anything and everything. My instagram is not just Filofaxes but also other stationery, journals, my guinea pigs & bunnies and also random stuff about me or my life. I kind of treat my vlogs on my Ginger Juice channel and my instagram account as little mini journals in their own right, documenting the day to day stuff. Anyway I really enjoy it and I wanted to say thank you once again!

Following requests I am also sharing with you what I bought when I went to the Philofaxy meet up in London. I did say it wasn't a lot so when you see it you will probably be very disappointed lol!

I also share with you my recent planner pretty additions in the form of two lovely flyleaves from the lovely Beck of Just Keep Pinning. They are so fab. I already have the minions one in my A5 Apex and my pocket size one will be working it's way into my pocket aqua Saffiano which, hint hint, will be the topic of next weeks FF! So if you want to see what I turned that little beauty into please make sure to click the follow on Bloglovin button on the right hand side or follow me by email or other social media becuase the blog posts automatically feed in to social media when they are published.

Last but not least, homework. I mentioned in a previous vlog that I had stopped setting homework for you as it was time consuming and I was struggling to think of what to set. Well quite a few of you said that you were enjoying that and that you missed it. Sooooooo, I am thinking of reinstating it BUT I need some input from you guys too. I am happy to do that again but I would like to know what sort of topics you would like to see videos / blog posts on. As I have said all along, there will only ever be content from me when I have something to say, that is usually most weeks but there may be some weeks where there isn't any. Filofax Fridays will take place in the form of vlogs, me chatting about what has been going on FF related in my world, Tutorials & How to's, and then more inspirational and instructional videos. So let me know what you guys think.

Anyway, that is enough ramble from me, let me know your thoughts!

Click here to see the video!

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