Sunday, 29 June 2014

This weeks decorated Filofax Pages! - Hey Foxy!

Another week in a row I have decided to decorate my pages. I could get addicted to this! So far I don't have all that much going on but as I well know, all that could change in a blink of an eye but still there is plenty of room for me to write should I need to do so.

This week I went with a fox / orange theme!

So I started out with just two lines of washi tape, one in a plain orange and the other with a mixed pattern on. Both of these tapes are the slimline washi tape. The patterned one came from Fox and Star and is sold in a set of three along with a green and red tape.

The stickers are both ones that I sell in my Etsy shop. The fox is from the woodland sticker set and the squirrel is from the sticker set that is in the woodland letter writing set.

I then remembered that I received a woodland themed set of sticky notes in my last Linkys Stationery Subscription Box so I decided to add those in to my pages both as decoration and little places to write notes.

I always like to add in a co-ordinating paper clip or two for clipping in extra to do sheets or holding bits of mail that need attention and I also use them as page markers. This week I am using my plushie fox paper clip that came from itsfluffystuff on Etsy.

I am really pleased with the overall look and decoration. As you know I don't like to have too much stuff that will get in the way of my 'seeing' what is on my to do list extra.

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