Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Guest Blog Post: Acetate Dashboards {Filofax, day planners etc}

My name is Becks and having recently manifested what can only be described as “Pinaddiction” - completely addicted to Pinterest. I thought it might actually be time to actually do something with all these boards I have for inspiration, creation and organisation. That way I can justify my addiction as having a useful purpose (well that is what I will tell myself and my partner) and just keep pinning!

Stop pinning and make things 

So in May the blog was born and serves as a record of my “Pinspired” activities. I hope some of my activities in turn, will inspire others to make, create and do. Pinterest serves as inspiration for my Filofax decoration and customisation. You can't really spend much time in the friendly, Filofax world before you stumble upon Mrs Brimbles wonderful Etsy shop and from their her fab blog and Youtube channel. All of which are great for top tips, and inspiration. I wanted to mention, in particular the first Mrs Brimbles video I watched "Filofax Dashboard - how to make and what with". As it inspired me to try something just that little bit different with my Filofax Dashboards. Mrs Brimbles mentions using a chocolate box acetate that she cuts down to size for a planner with a snowman on and for some reason that sent my neurons firing back to my teaching days when Interactive Whiteboards did not exist and I used (sparingly due to the expense) OHPs you could print onto. I managed to dig them out and find them:

OHP flashback! 

 I was aching to try them out as a Dashboard but, what to use as an image? Thankfully Mrs Brimbles could also provide me with the answer..... her FREE Filofax Friday could artwork dashboard, so I quickly printed this and punched it, and it looks great: 

Printed cloud dashboard 

The above is just with plain lined paper behind but because of its transparency you can use it in all kinds of ways. I tend to use mine in my journal Filofax with a quote behind it like so: 

Dashboard in my Journal Filofax 

Which looks even more amazing! That was only the beginning, it got me started creating a whole range of different dashboards with acetates: 

Mint with Pink Hearts Dashboard for A5 Filofax by Just Keep Pinning Red and pink hearts dashboard and Minions faces dashboards 

Just goes to show how one spark of inspiration can take you so far! Thanks Mrs Brimbles for being such great spark! I am even thinking of selling these in my new Etsy shop to spread the joy of acetate dashboards.


  1. Was so lovely to be asked to featured today Anna. Looking forward to seeing your featured post on Inspiration on on Saturday :-)

    1. It was lovely to have you, thank you for writing it x