Thursday, 12 June 2014

One of the reasons I am inspired to create...

I really can't believe it, we will have been in our house for one whole year tomorrow! The time has just wizzed by in some ways and in others it feels like we have been here for ages, I guess that is a sign of feeling totally relaxed and at ease with where you live. Many of you if you have watched my vlogs will have seen my house. When we moved here we always said that this would be our 'forever home' the place where we can grow old and grey, I don't think anything could make me want to move unless it was to the coast or to emigrate, I really do love it here. I know that I am really lucky and blessed to live here and I am thankfully for that every single day.

Of course one of the contributing factors to my love of this house is the location. We live in a small-ish village where there is only 321 dwellings, we have a village shop / post office, a nice little pub and most importantly a lake. A beautifully stunning lake with an awe inspiring surrealism to it.

My instagram snaps all with no filter!
We are really lucky to have a view of the lake from our back bedroom window and it makes me smile inside and out every time I draw the curtains in the morning. The lake is sort of a kidney bean shape so it curves round the village, this means that the lake is literally right at the end of my road and in fact everyones road.

I have a lot to thank the lake for, it brings me inner calm, peace and tranquility and most importantly the changing seasons and weather conditions are a major source of inspiration in my art work. I am currently painting a series of weather goddesses all inspired by living by the lake. The lake has a radius of ten miles and for most part it is surrounded by open fields and countryside so that vast expanse of nothingness really opens us up to see some interesting weather conditions. I just love it!

So in honour of living here for a year I thought it would be fun to do the 'all about my home tag'. I actually create a few different videos over on my Ginger Juice YouTube channel that don't always get a corresponding blog post, in fact my Vlogs never do for a start so if you are interested in finding out more about what I post over there then come on over :D

If you would like to do this tag in either a video or blog post the questions are below for you. Please let me know if you do, I would love to come and read / watch. My answers to the questions are in the video!

What is your home design style?
What do you love most and least about your home?
What is your proudest DIY project that you completed for your home?
What is yoru favorite piece of furniture?
Who is your favorite TV designer or decorater?
If I walked in your home, what fragrance would I smell?
What is the best and worst kept spaces in your home?
What is your favorite home accessory?
Hardwood floors, carpet or tile, which do you prefer?
What is your favorite cleaning product for your home?


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