Monday, 7 July 2014

Book Review - Tiger Lily

Well it has been a while since I read the read the story of or watched the film Peter Pan which was a good thing because whilst it is a famously well known story, the nitty gritty details I had forgotten. That is a good thing, believe me as I was able to go into this book very open without any formulated ideas about what this should be like. What was it like?

Well it took me a while to really get into it, it was a bit of a slow start and whilst I enjoyed it and was wanting to read it I wasn't hooked like I gotta read this in one day hooked, it actually took me about a week and a half maybe two weeks to read. It did speed up though, the more I read and the more I got into the book, the characters and the plot the more I wanted to read and so I sped up.

I perhaps should have started by saying that this is a reworking or a retelling of Peter Pan but with a difference. Tiger Lily is narrated and told by Tinker Bell and is the story of what happened in Neverland before there was ever a Wendy.

This book will make you think in a totally different way about all the characters, each and everyone of them in a good way but also in a way that might make you wonder if you still like them so be warned that if you hold Peter Pan very dear to your heart you might not want to read this book as it will change the way you know it.

The book is tragic and beautiful and enchanting and all manner of things in between. It is beautiful yet sad. Peter and Tiger Lily are two very different people from very different backgrounds, two lost souls who find comfort in each other and want to be together but they can't or at least they shouldn't. They try and they do love each other but is it true love? Is it just a case of finding comfort in each other when they are so lonely? I am not quite sure if I have figured that one out for myself or not yet!

One thing I do know for sure is that I have fallen in love with Tinker Bell. She is so lovely and we learn alot more about her character from her telling of this story too.

I would definitely reccommend this read but not if as I said you couldn't bear to see Neverland in a different way!

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