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Cuppa Tea Pet? - Tea VLOG & Reviews - June & July 2014

It has been a little while since I did my last 'cuppa tea pet?' where I talk about the tea that I have veen drinking in the last month. So the last one I did was in April and that was a post tea special and so since then I have been mainly drinking that lot as there was quite a lot there. It has warmed up here in the UK and I just don't really feel like drinking that much tea in the warmer weather, instead I tend to drink more water. I am still drinking tea though but not quite as much as I was. I am also drinking a good old builders brew quite a lot at the moment too, it is funny how I often come round to that.

So other than the post tea what have I been drinking? Well I have gone back to two old faithfuls of mine, firstly Twinings Camomile. This has and always will be my all time favourite tea to drink. I just love it and it is one that I pretty much always have in my cupboards, I just don't think I could do without it! Secondly a good favourite of mine is the chai tea latte. I really like this in the evening when you fancy something sweet and need to hit that craving, this does the job rather nicely. I really like to take my time with this one and savour the indulgence. Again I don't think there will ever be a time when this isn't in my cupboard!

The past couple of months I have also been drinking a couple of Yogi Teas. Now Yogi Tea are one of my favourite brands and you can find them here in the UK in most health food shops and also online and I know they are also available in the States. Now one of them I really enjoyed and the other one I didn't. I really didn't like the Fennel with Rose! I like fennel but couple with the just wasn't for me. To me I felt like the two flavours were competing with each other rather than complementing and it wasn't just me, my Mum thought the same. I have also tried to offer the remaing tea to friends and no one seems to want to give it a try so all round this doesn't seem to be a winner, no one fancies even trying it. Or well I tried and now I can tick it off my list as having done so. On the other hand I really liked the Women's Energy, the blend of hibiscus and ginger really worked for me and complimented each other well. If you read the reviews online of this tea, everyone raves about the health benefits in terms of helping with cycle issues as well as with acne. Now I didn't notice any benefits myself although I only drank the one box and that was intermingled with other teas during two months. Maybe I should buy this again and drink it regularly to see if it does have any effect as everyone claims that it does!

Lastly I have been drinking the Sweet Chai by Higher Living. I still haven't fully made up my mind as to what I think about this tea, I seem to have a love hate relationship with it! On the one hand I love chai so love that aspect but then on the other hand it is quite strong, and almost tastes or feels heavy and sticky as well as being quite on the spicy side. I am not sure about it at all so that says to me that if I am not loving it that maybe I should give it a miss!

So that is everything that I have been drinking this past couple of months I am not sure when I will be back with another tea post whether it will be in one month or two, I suppose that depends on how much tea I have been drinking! I do have some lovely teas to try out though! When I went to London recently I popped into Fortnum & Masons and made a purchase of one of their tea collection boxes. I am looking forward to trying this however I was a little disappointed when I got home and looked at the box to discover that I had bought the 'green tea with...' rather than the actual teas, I think I picked up the wrong box as I know I was looking at the right one! Oh well, I am not a massive green tea lover but I am certainly willing to give it a try so I will let you know.

Until next time, happy tea drinking lovies x

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