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Leelee's Planner Essentials - Guest Blog Post

Hi friends, today I have for you a guest blog post from the lovely Leelee who has just started out her own blog called Leelee's Planner Addiction. Leelee is giving us an insight into her planning essentials, over to you Leelee...


Hi Guys, My name is Leelee, and Anna and I are going to do guest blog posts for each others blog, you can find Anna's post over on my blog on the 5th July 23:55 GMT. 

This post is talking about some essentials I use for my planner, when I first started planning and organising I searched for the essentials, but they were like washi tape and all things decorative, if your starting with them, you might think oh I've got to buy lots of this, but the truth is you don't need washi tape, or stickers you can get what ever you want for you planner, there is no do's and don'ts with planners you can do what ever you want and that's the best part. This is just what I like to use and I think you should try it out, but you don't have to if you don't like it.

So first on the planner essentials list is sticky notes, these work really well and help pretty up your pages! They help highlight important things as well. But remember if your just starting the planner world then buy a pack and see if you like them, if you do experiment with more!

I use a variety of sticky notes these are the ones that I tend to use:

The next essential (remember you don't have to get this it's just what works for most people.) is washi tape. Lots of people like to use washi tape. Most new planner fanatics get overwhelmed and think that they need to get lots of washi tape and quick but they don't. Most planner fanatics have accumulated it over time. If your not a big decorator, then don't worry buy a roll from the shops to test it out, or you can buy samples for as little as 20p on etsy.

This is some washi tape that I have:

The next essential is a hole punch I have a cheap one but it's lasted through tuff plastic for my planner and it's amazing. This is a definable planner essential if your planner is ring-bound, and you make your own inserts and/or dividers! It's worth the £0.75! Mine looks like this:
The next thing I would try out to put in my planner is... Stickers, I can't live without them however they do tend to get on the expensive side, so I'm sticking with stamps, you can reuse them, it's good for the environment and then once you've got stamps you like you just have to buy ink which, I feel lasts a long time. I've got this stamp:
I also think paperclips are an essential, because you might need to clip paper together. Everyone has paper clips at home, use them! Then if you like them get shaped ones or make your own! I will do a blog post on how to make them, I'm sure Anna has one up. I know she has a youtube video for it. I have a set it looks like this:
The next essential on my list is pens or at least a pen, your going to need this to write. I have a variety of pens for colour coding or just adding colour to my page, but beware some pens bleed through paper and aren't good, some pens are quite expensive, but some cheap fine liners or something like that, see if they work out for you! Mine look like:




I have even more but these are the main ones I use.

The next essential is one that everyone will need and you have to have this and it is a planner, there are different varieties of planners I'm not going to go into detail about this as I will do a corresponding post in a few weeks time on my blog, some planners are Kate spade, Erin condren, filofax, franklin covey, day timer and day runner, there are plenty more these are just a few. that was my planner essentials list and remember... 
Dont worry about what planner users are doing with theirs, do with yours what you wish to do to make it yours!

That's all for now. Check out my blog at

~Leelee xoxo

PS you can find any of these on esty, ebay, Amazon, and any good stationery and craft stores, like staples.

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