Friday, 11 July 2014

How to sew a zip pouch / purse / pencil case to use on the rings of your planner - Filofax Friday

 Following on from last week where by I showed you how I was using my pocket Saffiano as a purse / wallet, this week I am sharing with you how I made the zipped pouch.

I am using mine to keep my loose change as well as a hair band and hair clip as you can see! However I am also going to be making one in a larger size for my personal and A5 to use as pencil cases. I might even buy a cheap pencil case and cut open the bottom and then re-sew it up as I think this might end up being cheaper and easier to do than buying fabric and a zip!

I recorded the making of the purse so that I could share it with you too but I also took photos as I thought you might want to be able to refer back to this easier and sometimes it is easier to see in picture form.

What you will need:

  • A pair of good sharp scissors for cutting fabric.
  • Fabric in your choice of colours / patterns
  • A co-ordinating cotton
  • Needle
  • Pins / Clips
  • A 4inch zipper (for the pocket size, please measure for larger sizes)
  • The acetate / flyleaf that came with your planner, failing that a piece of card hole punched will do (acetate / plastic will be more durable though!)

How to:

Firstly you will need to start by measuring your fabric and cutting it out. You will need two pieces of fabric cut to 13cm by 8cm.

Next take one piece of your fabric and place it 'good side' up facing you, then place your zipper 'ggod side' facing down making sure to line up the two outer edges (see photo 1). Pin or clip your zipper to your fabric and then sew approximately 5mm in from the edge in a running stitch.

When you have finished you will be able to flap your zip back over the way to see that both 'good sides' are facing you so you know you will have done this correctly (see photo 2).

Next you will need to line up your other piece of fabric to your zipper. Start by lying the other piece of fabric out 'good side' up along side your already stitched together fabric, then flip your pieces over so that your two 'good sides' are facing each other (see photo 3). You then need to pin the zip in place and sew along the edge in the same way you did for the first piece.

Now you have the zip sewn in it is time to sew up the sides. Keep you 'good sides' of fabric together, you will want to sew on the reverse so that when we turn it back the edges will be all neat and tidy. When you come to fold your fabric over to sew you may find that you need to crease your zip and push is down (see photo 4) so that you can line your side edges up better. Again pin in place and sew each of the two side edges together.

Once you have sewn your sides together you MUST now reach in and unzip the zipper. It is important that you do this otherwise you won't be able to do the rest and your pouch will be ruined. You have been warned!

Now take your hole punched acetate and trim off alongside the edge that has not been hole punched. You will need to trim off most of it just leaving a couple of centimetres from where the holes have been punched. It is better to leave too much than not enough as you can always trim this down again at a later stage.

Once trimmed, insert your acetate into the unsewn hole (the bottom) of your pouch. Ensure that it is straight and I use a clip to hold it in place because it can slip around a bit. You want to make sure that the side with the holes in is on the outside of the pouch and that you have the rest inside the pouch. (See photo 5).

Now go ahead and sew approximately 5mm in from the edge. Give the acetate a tug to make sure that it is nice and securely sewn into your pouch. You will have to use a bit more pressure to get the needle through the acetate and the fabric at the same time so just watch you don't prick yourself.

Once you have sewn up and tied / cut off your thread you can now turn the poouch outside in! You may have to tease and work the acetate through but it does come through fine. Poke out the corners and flatten it out.

You now have a zippered pouch that you can put into the rings of your planner and take along wherever you go!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have lots of fun making pouches! I think they are a little on the addictive side and know I will be making more!

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